Julian Assange Outsmarted the US Liberal Media, Hillary Clinton, and the FBI…Again

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julianassange_newIn Julian Assange’s last interview, he stated that he was to release more emails that could have a significant impact on the election. He stated the release would be in October. Julian Assange has once again outsmarted the entire US liberal media, the FBI, the Justice Department and all of the US Government. October is coming early this year. Wednesday, Julian Assange dropped a bomb without releasing a single email.

Fox News has always been suspect. They most often appear to be closet liberals or at least manipulated by a lesser misinformation source. Hannity of Fox News revealed in his interview with Julian Assange on Wednesday that Hannity is not a “news reporter”. Hannity is a cheap shot hack. Hannity at the end of the interview snickered that Assange didn’t have material on Trump even though he was a public figure. Hannity gave himself away as a Hillary lover. His assertion to all is poor Hillary is being unfairly treated by the truth.

Assange has just hit the US Government, the US Media and the Democratic Party and the corrupt with a solid sucker punch to the gut. He originally stated the release would be later, much later, knowing how to play the US misinformation machine like a violin.

The FBI and others had already begun subtle distractions and stories to discredit and reduce the importance of the release. They are suddenly making idiotic statements and excuses like Comey had his hands tied and could not pursue a real FBI investigation. They are making stories about international hackers from mars. They are distracting you with Russians buzzing our spy planes. It is all nonsense propaganda to lead America astray.

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Assange is so far ahead of them, that America will be struck by not only how much the government has lied to America, but how incredibly stupid they really are. The liberal media is now forced into fast action as are the FBI and others. It will cause a scurry of rats that could be quite interesting.

Assange knew from the start that whatever he releases will be attacked by the US propaganda machine. He has dealt with the US media for quite some time and he has proven he is smarter than all of them. He has more power now than anyone in the US Government, and all he has is the truth and an IQ that dwarfs theirs.

The news and propaganda panic could reveal some very juicy tidbits of information about the DNC, the murder of Seth Rich, the rigging of both elections (Primary and current), the corruption within the FBI, Justice Department and many branches of government (especially the appointed), and the truth as to why the FBI and Justice Department fabricated the Russian Hackers to cover for the crimes of the DNC.

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