“I Don’t Recall.” The Law Enforcement Lie is now Hillary Clinton’s

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“I Don’t Recall.” The Law Enforcement Lie is now Hillary Clinton’s

At least 3 dozen times, it was revealed today, Hillary responded to FBI questions with the answer “I don’t recall”. That is not a meaningful answer, because recall is ambiguous. It is a choice to not use the word remember. Police use it every day in court when they do not wish to answer a question and so does the FBI.

The proper response is “BUT DO YOU REMEMBER?” That cannot be answered ambiguously. The FBI knows that and would not allow that to pass in a real investigation. That means the FBI, primarily James Comey, conducted a fake investigation. It also means Hillary knows what she did. That is why she can no longer answer questions until after the election is over.

“I don’t recall” is the most dishonest answer a person can give and get away with it. Law Enforcement would not allow it. Comey is appointed, he sold out America to keep his job.

This has major implications for law enforcement throughout the nation. Now the phrase is a headline. Comey has revealed to America how the FBI and law enforcement manipulate trials and investigations. The system is rigged, and criminal lawyers throughout America will understand its significance. Law enforcement will forever be called on any question responded to with “I don’t recall”.

This proves beyond any reasonable doubt the FBI attempted to cover up the DNC fraud, and they further attempted to rig the election by covering for Hillary and making up stories about Russian Hackers. The FBI attempted to rig an election so Comey could keep his job. Comey will be fired if Hillary is not elected.

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This has further implications that Seth Rich’s murder may have been covered up by the FBI. Wikileaks October release is coming.

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