Hillary Slides Down To Nothing

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Hillary Slides Down To Nothing

Today it was released that the first Congressional interview for Hillary was rigged. In December of 2012, Hillary was supposed to face Congress to answer questions about Benghazi. She suddenly got ill.

One month later in January 2013, she attended a rigged interview in which questions were spoon fed to Clinton who had prepared answers for them. Covering Benghazi is not something that can be accomplished here, but the history is well documented in wikipedia.

This time, the proof came from a group using the Freedom Of Information Act to acquire emails damning Clinton.

The emails were obtained by the group Citizens United as part of its ongoing Freedom of Information Act request to the State Department for emails from Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s closest aides.

“This email chain provides a rare behind the scenes look at which Benghazi-related issues the Clinton camp had concerns about going into Secretary Clinton’s January 2013 testimony on Capitol Hill, and what they had apparently plotted out beforehand with a Democrat committee member to deal with those concerns,” Citizens United said in a statement. “Citizens United will continue to release all new Benghazi emails we receive through our FOIA lawsuits as they come in — the American people have a right to know the full picture.”

The FBI has them now and they were released to the media. This appears to be a nose dive Clinton cannot get out of. The implications of rigging a Congressional hearing are not something anyone can survive politically. It also implicates Hillary in crimes that could border on treason. The FBI is also implicated in many including the faked investigation of Clinton.

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The corrupt are starting to come out of the wood work. The Democrats can only let this one go now and wait until next time. Or shoot Trump, which I would not put past them.

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