Has George Soros Thrown Hillary Clinton to the Curb for A Profit?

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Has George Soros Thrown Hillary Clinton to the Curb for A Profit?

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George Soros operates on a plane of existence and thought that is not exactly within most people’s grasp. The billionaire got rich by confusing everyone around him and making them think he is going right when he is going left. But it gets much deeper with Soros, and that is why he is so rich. He is a brilliant guy, but he is also heartless in making decisions. He has been trading all his life to make billions, and he is still doing that in his 80s when most of us are ready to call it quits.

George Soros does not care who likes him. He does not care about any specific cause, and he appears very erratic in his behavior. This makes him the perfect trader because he is not emotional and he is very difficult to understand or read.

In this election, George Soros is Hillary’s biggest financial backer. He also backed Obama. This did seem strange, because George Soros isn’t exactly a liberal. However, people have their motivations, and it appeared he could be making a proxy play on the US Presidency. George has billions, Hillary has millions. That is as different as the homeless are from the middle class. Hillary would just be a pawn to George Soros.

George Soros did something extremely odd and it contradicts his apparent support of Hillary Clinton. It cannot make sense if he wants Hillary Clinton to win. George Soros has always used various media outlets to manipulate markets, and it is possible that this move indicates he is not interested in a Democrat President as he is in making a profit on the US Election.

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By making an investment in Hillary Clinton, everyone would have thought that is the way he was going. George Soros does not work that way. So he had us fooled along with everyone else as usual.

This move by George Soros though is so out of character and so inconsistent with Hillary Clinton that it is extremely odd the media has not made more of the fact he decided to support the direct nemesis of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s direct nemesis is not Donald Trump. It is the truth and Wikileaks.com. Edward Snowden six years ago provided the bulk of what Wikileaks is based upon and made it possible for wikileaks to focus on materials from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary.

George Soros now has confirmed in writing he wants Obama to pardon Edward Snowden and allow him to come back to the United States a free man. That endorses Wikileaks and Julian Assange and it cannot happen and leave the FBI and Hillary Clinton afloat.

The move is characteristic of a trade move on large amounts of money. Some subtle news that appears to not be that important to anyone, but later turns out to make someone a very large amount of money.

The media, even the alleged conservative media, has barely mentioned George Soros has just requested Obama pardon Edward Snowden and that it is in direct conflict with his support for Hillary Clinton. The conflicts are so stark, and yet the media has merely mentioned it in passing. For Edward Snowden to be pardoned by Obama, Obama himself has to throw Hillary Clinton to the curb.

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This is a developing story, and more is to come. Obama, if given the choice of George Soros and Hillary Clinton, is likely to go with George Soros. Money is a much bigger factor than Russian Hackers and various other fairy tales. George Soros has billions, nearly 30 billion to be exact.

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