Confirmation of FBI Involvement In Faking A Terrorist Attack

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Confirmation of FBI Involvement In Faking A Terrorist Attack

In NY, they released everyone from the hospital. Nothing serious. It does not look as though a person even broke a fingernail.

In a terrorist attack with three bombs organized by a group that was experienced, that is highly unlikely. Major FAIL.

The first bomb was left in plain sight. Left in NY, where they will steal anything. Why take the risk your attack fails because some looter grabbed months of your work?

Now the alleged terrorist is unconscious after surgery. Maybe they wanted him to die. The ones that could have said anything they alleged in the attacks were ISIS are dead. They have no connection to anyone through the kid’s journal that is not dead. Bomb building knowledge is not common, and it is not an erector set. You don’t find out on the internet and no one has looked to determine if the kid did try to use research tools.

On that Sunday, the Media and the FBI said ISIS. Now there is not evidence of that and we have a kid that looks like a lost soul looking for a father figure. The father figures are dead. They could not help him. Who did?

If the man dies, and the media is not tracking it which is idiotic. Dead men tell no tales.

They followed the progress of the Boston Marathon Bomber younger brother closely. If you want to fake something and make sure you get away with it, the people you said were involved are much easier to explain if they die. I think he was unarmed. They shot the kid to take him out and he survived. Can’t be too obvious about that.


The FBI has no justification for NY. They said ISIS. Then they reported NO ISIS on their report without explanation. Now the kid could die. If he does not recover, we may be looking at something much bigger. If he is unconscious and they keep him that way, that works too. They could keep him that way until after the election. And even if they wake him up, if they don’t have links fast to someone that did it, they likely won’t because they never existed.

Who did it? It was the NOT the kid. No organized terrorist group has claimed credit. Even in a failure, they would want to so you are scared.

This is not normal, it is hokey. The FBI’s job is to tell you ASAP who the threat was. If they did not find ISIS, they have no idea if it was not the FBI itself, that is major.

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