The Democrats May Have An Unstoppable Plumbing Problem

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When folks go to the public restroom, they often do not flush.  The drain eventually clogs and all kinds of deplorable content poors out all over the bathroom floor, sometimes into the hallways, leaving the poor bastard with the mop to try cleaning it up.

In a house or large building there is a stack into which all of that wonder feeds down into the sewer below.  A serious crack in that pipe, called the stack, can be thousands of times worse.

It is appearing there is a serious block in the Democrat plumbing somewhere, and those tiny problems once easily flushed away are starting to back up.  Some may stay in the quagmire, and not flush, but eventually , someone has to clean up the mess.

At the very surface now, we have Hillary’s sickie fit on 9/11 and her disappearance looking like a Halloween witch.  This occurred just after Julian Assange released news of a new release of emails coming as early as this week.  That indeed would overflow the toilet.

Today, a Clinton IT Specialist did not show up for a subpoena.  That is prison time just for not showing up, so it is obvious he faces something dire. That is more backing up the plumbing.  Other witnesses called were not being assisted at all by Hillary and the Democrats, left out to dry, they plead the Fifth Amendment to avoid prosecution.

One did admit, however, a very concerning fact.  He had access to all the emails, including the classified emails, while he was working in the Clinton Foundation on Private Servers not anywhere near the government offices and that has no business being anywhere BUT in government offices.  The man does not even have the lowest level security clearance.  This is sounding like treason to a very high degree of certainty given that people are afraid to speak, others are admitting things that cannot be true based on Hillary’s statements to the FBI, and others still coming from the FBI themselves.

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The clog now is so deep, there is no chance of preventing the pending disaster.  One honest FBI agent today came out and stated outright Comey did not conduct a fair investigation and interview of Hillary Clinton, but that she was treated “special”.  This looks like a standard crack in the plumbing which is now leaking under pressure.

What will collapse first is unclear, but it will be an absolute quagmire that could take years to clean up.  Some will likely flea the country or take some action such as being a witness to avoid prosecution.

What should be most disturbing is the FBI has prosecuted a great number of people.  If the FBI conducted investigations like Hillary’s that had the result THEY desired, not one of truth and justice, it could bring every investigation done by the department into question.  People that have been tried after FBI investigations could begin to appeal in huge numbers, and someone harshly prosecuted like Martha Stewart may see Comey in prison.

The worst thing that a law enforcement agency can do is reveal they are conducting false legal proceedings, witch hunts or manipulating outcomes for their own purposes. It defines the entire tree as rotted with corruption, and it that is true, many thousands could appeal and even go free because the FBI was dishonest.

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