Cyberattacks on Athletes May Be Russian Distraction Tactic

Confidential information about international athletes surfaced on the Internet Wednesday — the second such exposure this week. Russian hackers allegedly stole from the World Anti-Doping Agency confidential data on medical drug exemptions given to 25 athletes from eight countries. Information about four athletes appeared online earlier in the week. A group of Russian hackers used […]

Pandora Plus Trades Ad Views for Extra Features

Pandora on Thursday launched Pandora Plus, a replacement for its $5-a-month Pandora One streaming music service. The 4 million Pandora One subscribers will be switched over to Plus, which will continue to offer ad-free listening at the same price. However, Pandora Plus also offers an opt-in video advertising feature that lets users skip or replay […]

Oracle’s Earnings Call

Oracle is flying high as it goes into its annual Oracle OpenWorld customer conference, based on the news from its earnings call on Thursday. It’s clear that the company has succeeded in pivoting from on-premises to cloud software offerings. The revenue acceleration from cloud products and services suggests that Oracle will derive an increasing share […]

Despite iPhone Nits, Apple Looks Stronger Than Ever Right Now

The iPhone seems to confound Apple’s investors as much as it delights its customers. Four years ago, before Apple released the iPhone 5, the stock was up 73% for the year. But thanks to overheated expectations, once the phone was released the stock began a slide that erased more than 40% its value over the […]

Unilever Is In Talks to Buy Jessica Alba’s Honest Company: Report

Jessica Alba’s eco-friendly retailer, The Honest Company, may soon be taken over by consumer goods giant Unilever, according to a new report. Unilever, the company behind popular brands like Dove and Lipton, is in talks to acquire the Honest Company in a deal valued at more than $1 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, […]

Google Pursues Both Fiber and Wireless Broadband Ambitions

Google Fiber this week began reaching its tentacles into North Carolina’s Research Triangle, a move that seems to contradict the gloom-and-doom rumors of layoffs and low consumer interest. The Triangle is Google Fiber’s eighth incursion. It’s already available in Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; Provo, Utah; and […]