Will Philippine President Announce Open Hunting Season On Radical Muslims?

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Will Philippine President Announce Open Hunting Season On Radical Muslims?

Since entering Office in June 2016, the new Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, has declared open season on poor drug addicts across the nation, resulting in their murders by unknown alleged vigilantes. While a hard line policy got the man elected and still presents him as the most popular leader since Christ, the initial attack was primarily a summary execution of the poor. He recently announced those higher up in the ranks that he wishes to prosecute, but said they will all get fair trials, not a bullet, at least if they surrender within 24 hours (that jury is still out, because no reports on the success of the campaign has been seen).

However, ISIS, or some group claiming a relationship with ISIS (get in line), has called for attacks on the Miss Universe Pageant, and that means war. Based on different demographic reports, 86-94% of the population in the Philippines is Christian. That says that they outnumber the Muslim Population by at least 8 to 1. Most of those Muslims are not militants, but are scared to death of them. One report numbered the militants at well under 10,000.

We suggest that Duterte announce open season on terrorist Muslims. Any murder of any Christian will result in instant execution. Any terrorist caught or suspected of a terrorist crime, dead. Any Muslim even thought of promoting jihad… dead. Any corrupt cop that is a muslim, bye bye. Government officials affiliated with radicals, hang them in the streets. Let the Christians take justice into their own hands in the same fashion as with drug dealers and addicts.

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We are guessing that 100 million people will swat the 10000 like flies and remove one of the Philippines biggest problems. Digging their graves or throwing them in the ocean for the fish can be a huge celebration.

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