Warren Buffet Wanted to Deny Help to 9/11 Victims and Families

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Warren Buffet Wanted to Deny Help to 9/11 Victims and Families

Everyone thinks Warren is a nice guy that wants to help everyone with friendly advice and a warm personality. Warren is a shark. Pet him, and he will take off your arm.

After 9/11 Warren was about a cold a person that anyone could imagine. As people and families victimized in the event were trying to determine how they were going to go on without someone they loved and depended upon, Warren was saying how insurance companies should reword life insurance and accident policies so that families impacted in a terrorist act would be left on the street penniless. That way, the insurance companies in which Warren was invested would not have to pay out claims, and the money would go into Warren’s pocket instead of the women and children he wanted to deprive.

The only thing Warren cares about is money. There is nothing else. His backing of Hillary and his comments on Trump are part of a plan to manipulate markets based on Hillary’s massive tax increases on the middle class. Warren is not the friend of the middle class. He is not the friend of anything but money, and he wants the middle class to pay more so he pays less and so his assets go up in value because they are designed to evade taxation using specific methods no small investor or trader could use.

Hillary is the Get Warren Buffett Richer campaign.

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