A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For Crime

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A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For Crime

There is absolutely no room for doubt, Hillary testified falsely, under oath, knowingly perjuring herself. It is, beyond any doubt, a felony crime. Even though the FBI did not seek to indict her, the FBI director called her out on numerous lies when he testified. Those accusations were vastly more serious than any ever made against a presidential candidate, and they cannot be allowed to follow her into office.

Our government depends on at least the illusion of truth and justice. If a President is elected that Americans know lied under oath and repeatedly lied about it thereafter, it sends a horrific message.

Hillary is saying to all of America, you do not have to tell the truth under oath. You are all free to lie for your own benefit and interests. And if you do, someday, if you lie well enough, you too can become President of the United States

A vote for Hillary is a vote to dismantle our Justice system and would justify false imprisonment and prosecution. Evidence is not necessary. Facts are not necessary. Lies are as good as hard evidence.

Americans cannot vote for a criminal that lied under oath without destroying the fabric of government based on the US Constitution. And any American that faces the facts presented by the FBI cannot disagree, Hillary is a criminal. The topic can be avoided as much as the Democrats want, but the answer is clear. Hillary committed one of the most offensive crimes possible and one of the most treasonous. She cannot be President, and it is highly likely her tenure as President, if elected, will be very short.

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