Game Over: Donald Trump Is Going To Be President Of The United States

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Game Over: Donald Trump Is Going To Be President Of The United States

Two simple articles came out today that were as bizarre as they possibly could have been. Hillary, who has been relatively silent, spoke and she choked on her own words as liberals in the know likely gave up their lunch or hoped no one would notice.

The first, in and of itself isn’t significant, except it has a specific implication in the grammar. Hillary said she was going to modify the policies of the Clinton Foundation if she is elected. The huge word there is “if”. The reason is it automatically begs the question and what happens if you are not elected President? The implication is that if she is not elected, the Clinton Foundation, a huge organization, is kaput. It is a huge problem when a large charity liquidates because a former President and his wife looted it.

The second is a solid nail in Hillary’s coffin with little chance of its being removed. Everyone is well aware that Clinton resigned because she screwed up. Her resignation was likely due to reasons that Obama had no choice but to boot her out. No person has ever resigned from a Top cabinet post and run for President, let alone got elected to President. The Comey Story we all know. The choice not to indict Hillary we all know. The statement she was basically incompetent by Comey we all know. But today, Hillary told us all something that is either an extravagant and idiotic lie or turns America on its ear.

Hillary blamed her “mistakes” using private servers on Colin Powell, an American Lt. General and a war hero that led the US in Iraq. Had we followed his advice, ISIS would definitely not exist. People often forget, Generals get to their position for a reason, and they are tactically brilliant in war. Problem is, in the US, our politicians have not listened to them and made incredibly stupid moves. The moves were to appear like nice guys, but the fact is, there is sometimes no way to be nice.

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This leaves only two possible outcomes. Colin Powell, who has no specific love for Hillary, and has been out of government for years, essentially admits he committed treason or trained Hillary how to commit treason. The military handles problems like this much more harshly than any civilian equivalent. But that would make a highly decorated war hero and leader a criminal, at least in the eyes of the military. If the charge is treason, he could get life. If he doesn’t agree he is at fault, and he believes that nothing he said led to the disaster of Hillary’s termination, Hillary is no longer battling Trump, she must battle Colin Powell. That is not at all going to help her campaign.

Colin Powell has zero trust issues with America. His name has not been stained by any of this until Hillary decided to shock us all. It wreaks of desperation. It is extremely hard to believe Colin Powell said to Hillary, take a bunch of servers, laptops and your cell phone and link them all up to pass classified information freely between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. If it was true, Obama would have fried Colin, not Hillary. In fact, based on the military law, Obama was required to report it to them. He is, after all, Commander In Chief. Obama did not. And I do not believe Obama expected Hillary’s accusations today.

This leaves FBI Director Comey who Hillary says she TOLD that she committed the crimes she did because she was instructed to use private servers by a US Lt. General. That statement means Hillary is so desperate, it is the only option left. Comey, if he was told, was obligated to inform the military, because it is out of his jurisdiction. That would have to mean that if he did the military has known it for some time. None of that seems to jibe with reality. It is possible, just seemingly much too far fetched.

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If Colin Powell does not admit he essentially committed treason, which is highly unlikely, the most trustworthy man possible is calling Hillary a very despicable liar. If Comey chimes in and says anything about Powell he did not tell the military, he is toast.

An American Hero or Hillary is going to fall. My bet is that there is a single life vest, Colin and Hillary are in the water with sharks surrounding them, but Colin already has the life vest and all he has to do is swim away. For Hillary to survive this, Colin seemingly would have to throw the live vest to Hillary and take the fall for the Clinton Foundation and the Secretary of State debacle.

We do not believe anyone saw this coming. We believe it may be related to the Democrats review of materials that may have been leaked from the DNC. There is an unexplained murder involved that is quite fishy. And there appears to be the first evidence that Hillary is not leading by much, and she has nothing to say or do but blame someone that has not been in government for eight years and with whom she has never stated to anyone she had a beef. A Lt. General war hero.

If Hillary gets out of this unscathed, I would think I would have to vote for her because it will take a miracle to save her.

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