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If you were a legitimate news agency and you had two news items to report about and you could only choose one, and you did not know the names of the people involved, which would you choose to publish?

1. Lead Politician caught fraudulently rigging election
2. Lead Politician makes remark interpreted as potentially offensive.

Remember, you can only select one. And of course, any legitimate reporter would choose the first because when a lead politician commits fraud that is very big news. But since it was discovered that Hillary committed fraud along with her buds at the DNC, the media ran a side show distraction about the Russians. Then they tried to connect the Russians to Trump. We honestly hope the American people are not that stupid that they were not sickened by that.

Trump is undoubtedly one of the most controversial candidates in history. However, one must make no mistake, in a free election for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, he trounced anyone that faced him. He did not beat these opponents, he crushed them. Anyone that does not realize he is the best and only chance the Republicans ever had of winning this election is a fool.

The election process is grueling and requires stamina and the ability to convince millions to vote for you. Almost no one could accomplish such a feat. The honor a party must grant anyone that accomplishes this feat is unequivocal.

Anyone within the party that does not support a candidate can make themselves known and act at the convention and legitimately object or attempt to undermine that candidacy. If they do not, and they accept that nomination and support it, to speak out against their own candidate during the campaign is a treasonous act against America. It violates the trust and beliefs of those that voted for that candidate. It raises conflict in the eyes of the constituents of the party. And it acts as an endorsement of the opposing candidate. It also feeds the media an opportunity to twist the facts involving any such act based on their own whim. Providing fodder for a liberal media based on a rant by someone within the ranks must be met with disdain and never forgiven.

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Trump has proven he is a courageous leader and will act to crush those that are a threat to the Republican Party especially those within their ranks. One such person is Senator McCain who twisted a fabricated speech (the Kahn job) by the Democrats and fed it to the media and public as proof Trump was unpatriotic and anti-US-military. McCain was not only pathetically wrong, he fell for a crock of lies and media manipulation, McCain’s gullibility disgraced his own legacy.

Trump has stated he will no longer support those that attack their own party. He will not stand for those that support a liberal media and those that support losing the election in November. Mostly, he will not and never will support McCain. McCain is done. If Trump is elected, McCain likely will be and should be forced to retire.

The few that did not grasp Trump’s statements regarding the faked Khan presentation at the Democratic National Convention that exploited the death of an honored US Marine Captain have disgracefully used their illiteracy to justify an attack upon Trump. Some of these people, even though insignificant, are getting public attention on CNN and other liberal news-manipulating networks. The fact is, Trump did not ever do anything McCain or these other pinheads are stating, and their words are being used and then manipulated by the media now to elect Hillary after an illegal Democratic primary was conducted in which fraud and deceit were actively employed against US voters.

Hillary committed crimes as did lead members of the DNC and the media has spent days printing foolish worthless articles incorporating attacks on Trump by a series of mental midgets. It is my sincere hope that Trump wins at this juncture, not only because Hillary is involved in numerous criminal and negligent acts against our government, but because our government and the media are trying to participate now in rigging the final election. We can no longer allow this behavior. McCain must go. Anyone in the party that breaks ranks or speaks publicly iduring the election period against the elected candidate must go (fired, done). No one in the Republican party has any right to deny the Presidency to those that elected their candidate, especially based on the false and ridiculous liberal interpretation of what Trump said.

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Trump should never apologize for words and meaning twisted by the media. Trump should never apologize to someone like Kahn who is nothing but a staged puppet. And Trump should never apologize to anyone telling him to apologize. It is the first step on to a slippery slope in which they will continually attempt to control him. It is not genuine. He already tried being nice, and it was a bait in which the Democrats responded through their puppet Kahn to call Trump names. Screw Kahn. He is a nobody that had a son die in the war. It is his son that matters, not him. He is a setup and a distraction and that is all he is. And for someone as seasoned as McCain to fall for it hook, line and sinker was a rookie mistake. McCain is a disgrace.

Where was McCain when Hillary and the DNC were caught red handed rigging a US free election?

Anyone in the party that does something like McCain should have gone to the Democratic National Convention.

Trump is getting the idea, though, from now on, he will not fuel the media and let the Democrats make their usual lies. He will need those lies to expose them before November.

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