Theorem: The Death Of Israel By Proxy

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Theorem: The Death Of Israel By Proxy

There are powers that have money but no love. In the movies, the villain is often some despicable character with minions that blindly follow him for unknown reasons. Those not under the villain’s control, despise and fear him. If the villain was to show his face to those not under his control and ask for them to support him, of course, they would rather die. So the villain infiltrates the population by proxy, using puppets that do his bidding to gain the trust of the populace to do his will. In the movies, the bad guy loses in the end. It is not clear that will happen in reality.

It has been revealed that emails from the Clinton Foundation reveal that one of Clinton’s aides is a supporter of radical Islam. If you recall, Hillary wants to ban the term “radical Islam”, which she should because she supports it and it allows people to characterize her actions.

Do you think we are crazy? Read on and you will become a believer.

The radical Islamic aid provided links to donors in the Middle East that wanted favors from the State Department. Hillary gladly filled the orders. This is beyond illegal, this is a death penalty crime. Hillary committed treason of the highest possible order.

Obama is likely involved because he could not have been ignorant of the situation under his administration.

It is not surprising then that ISIS has exploded and that Lebanon was destabilized. They are on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem funded by George Soros and Muslim terrorists with large amounts of money that want to destroy Israel.

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George Soros is not loved by many if anyone. He is the perfect villain, but he is not alone. A rich Muslim cannot run for President in America and not a single American would support one. So, if you want to control America, and you are anti-Semitic, you need to do it by Proxy.

The plan seems a bit complex, but once exposed it is simple. Get people in power using tons of money from those that go along with your plan. The people you get into power are your proxy and they do your bidding. In this case Obama and Hillary are the proxies among others.

Hillary needed some method to connect government to the money of those that wanted to destroy Israel. So, she created the Clinton Foundation. Obama placed her in the position of Secretary of State to give her the most leverage over acts of war. She then began the process of seeking donors and taking in mass amounts of cash which she laundered through the charitable facade of the Clinton Foundation. In return, government favors that led to the growth of ISIS and terror in the world with the intent of eventually destroying Israel were granted. Lebanon fell. ISIS Grew. Syria in crisis (but we don’t want it stabilized, so we want to support the rebels, Russia is the good guy here, the rebels are essentially ISIS). The Middle east is a disaster, but why? Now you know.

The next step is to get America to buy into the plot. Israel is a problem if you want to destroy them. They have nuclear weapons. Obama wants Iran to have nuclear weapons. The idea, in general is to make it suicide to use those weapons, so Israel surrenders. It won’t go that way, however, because Israel will not go peacefully. That is their only land and their religion makes it sacred to them. They would rather die than give it to a Muslim. They will use nuclear bombs.

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So, the United States is needed to become Israel’s enemy. We are their only true ally. The best way to allow America to think the destruction of Israel is their idea is to make them believe it is the only way to save the world. What would do that? Horrific terrorist acts in America until America is on its knees begging for the destruction of Israel.

George Soros, Hillary and Obama want to bring ISIS into America and the amnesty offer is a cover to allow them to establish bases here. Then they will spread terror and destruction upon America in a war on Christians. America will be helpless because we are not prepared for that kind of war and they will be an army within our own neighborhoods not on the battlefield. This is the ONLY way ISIS can get to the US, is with the help of our own government.

We implore you to not vote for Hillary Clinton. We believe the plan she has is to destroy Israel for Soros no matter how many American lives are lost. She has already committed treason and she must be imprisoned. If Soros is implicated, he must be imprisoned as well. America’s safety depends on stopping them. The destruction of Israel will not serve America’s purpose it will only serve theirs.

Peace is possible in the Middle East. It is bigots and Hitler like worms that want to kill Jews that would promote such insanity. And it could lead to Armageddon.

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