Probability Implicates Democratic National Committee In Murder

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Probability Implicates Democratic National Committee In Murder

Prior to the Democratic National Convention, a young man was murdered. The man was shot four times in the back concisely defining the act as a first or second degree murder, because the four shots reveal the killer’s intent. The wallet and the cell phone were not taken or apparently touched, further implying it was not a robbery. The man was Seth Rich, a DNC Staff Member.

Surprisingly, Police classified the murder as a probable robbery, and it has remained brushed under the rug, until now. Wikileaks has made an announcement of a substantial cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the man that murdered Seth Rich, implying the many just may have been involved in leaking information regarding the corruption of the Democratic National Committee. The family had been stating the shooting was no robbery.

It is quite curious that the Democratic National Committee chose to stage a propagandized attack on Donald Trump by a Muslim father of a war hero, but did not choose to honor the family of their dead member. If the man died as a member of the DNC and honorably working for the DNC, one would have thought they would want to honor him and grieve for the loss with the entire nation. Instead, a Muslim with a pocket Constitution blathering nonsense at Trump was the entertainment du jour.

Little about the investigation is known, but the lack of information from the Police implies they are covering up the facts, and the statement it was a probable robbery is not at all supported by anything the police have stated publicly.

The most challenging aspect of the murder of the DNC staffer, only 27 years old and not mentioned in the Democratic National Conference, is probability. He was the only person murdered, with four shots to the back (intentional murder), without having his wallet taken or anything stolen, in all of DC anywhere near the time of the Convention, and he just happened to be a DNC staffer likely involved with leaking information about the corruption of the DNC. Motive adds to the probability the DNC was involved in his murder, and that probability now approaches 100%.

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One Response to "Probability Implicates Democratic National Committee In Murder"

  1. Tammy Tipton   December 15, 2016 at 11:49 am

    Why aren’t we hearing more about this story? Undoubtedly the Clinton’s, Obama, & DNC, CIA, etc. Know something!! They always expect us to just forget and ask no questions. That’s why we have such corruption now. Is this poor young man another victim of Clinton’s corruption and evil? I want to know more. We can’t let this go!


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