Obama Covertly Airlifts $400 million to Develop Iran’s Nuclear Program

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Obama Covertly Airlifts $400 million to Develop Iran’s Nuclear Program

Obama has founded the “Iranian Fund For The Election Of Hillary Clinton” with a donation of nearly $2 billion in US Tax dollars to Iran. Read that again. This is something everyone must understand.

Obama had $400 Million secretly airlifted to Iran to make it appear as though his foreign policy was working. Obama wanted to appear he had successfully smooth-talked Iran into releasing Americans hostages. Obama did not only give Iran $400 million dollars, he had it airlifted IN CASH to Iran. And not a soul apparently knew, but as usual, Obama has a wild explanation now.

Obama, and possibly some other Democrats, arranged this covert operation to distract attention from the disastrous actions that eventually led to Hillary’s resignation. Our foreign policy apparently was to pay off those that participate in international crime. This was all about making things go smoothly into the election. Obama agreed to give $400 million now and an overall $2 billion in installments to Iran to help get Hillary elected. US tax dollars folks, illicitly directed to the “Iranians for Hillary Clinton” campaign team in Iran. The “Iranian Supreme Terrorist in a Towel” is now wearing a Hillary/Kaine button and has endorsed Hillary for President of the United States.

The biggest take away is that not a soul knew or talked about it. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the Obama administration’s explanation is crazed and does not explain at all how America totally missed the fact hundreds of millions of dollars were sent in CASH to TERRORISTS WITH NUKES. We airlifted $400 Million to Iran on the very day the hostages were released. We think that is much bigger news than the CNN usual headline “TRUMP PICKED HIS NOSE”.

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Iranians responded by dancing in the streets singing, “Israel Will Be Destroyed”. The US media apparently was on vacation that day, and not a soul in government appeared to know about this. However, President Obama took the opportunity to join in the festivities dancing and singing with his fellow Muslims. Oh sorry, correction, Obama is a Christian??

We are not sure, but readers can tell us if it sounds crazed to gift tons of cash to a country building nukes to bomb Christians and Jews. How many jobs would $400 Million create in the US? And IF IT WAS AT ALL LEGITIMATE, WHY DID THE ADMINISTRATION CONCEAL WHAT IT WAS DOING??? IT IS HIGHLY LIKELY MUCH OF THESE FUNDS HAVE BEEN DIRECTED TO THE TERRORISTS IRAN SUPPORTS! IN CASH!! OBAMA sold out the lives of Americans, American Soldiers, and our allies to win an election. He knew what he was doing was repugnant, so he did not want anyone to find out. If we were Israel and we knew, we would have shot that plane down.

Some are merely defining this as having paid a ransom for the release of the hostages, which, if true, would be a first and encourages illegal acts by terrorists. But this was not ransom, it was a payoff sent to Iran to make Obama and the Democrats look good going into the election. With all the chaos they have created internationally, they could not afford for Iran to continue to embarrass the United States because of its weak foreign policy. That money has likely already cost the lives of Americans, Europeans, and innocent Muslim families by funneling US tax dollars to terrorist organizations.

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Kiss your US $400 Million goodbye folks. Your tax dollars have been covertly gifted to our worst enemies by the President of the United States in order to win an election.

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