Mother Says Stories About the Screaming Baby and Trump Were Lies by the Lie-beral Media

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Mother Says Stories About the Screaming Baby and Trump Were Lies by the Lie-beral Media

The interaction between Trump and the Mother were nothing at all as depicted in the lie-beral media. The gut response to those rumors were more rumors she was a plant for the Democrats.

The woman that was carrying the baby was not actually a plant by the lie-berals as rumored, and her baby was screaming uncontrollably in a tantrum, unlike the lie-berals would have you believe.

We have all experienced it, and if you state you were able to work or make a presentation or do anything involving focus, you are lying. Babies having tantrums is one of the most chilling sounds in the world, akin to scraping glass across a chalk board. There is a reason. Survival. Babies throw tantrums when they want or need something. It is designed to get the parent’s attention and complete focus. Sit on a plane when a child is throwing a tantrum, and I have repeatedly seen the disgust and anger of those around the mother, and the embarrassment of the mother. And those people were not giving a speech or debating national policy.

Imagine a baby screaming out in a tantrum during a tennis match at Wimbledon. Of course, if the baby was allowed in at all, the baby would be immediately ushered out. Doesn’t mean tennis players hate babies.

The woman said that the entire incident was taken out of context and that the lie-beral media had lied to fabricate headlines that were not based on news (CNN Crap Not News). The media, as it has repeatedly done, took a joke between the mother and Donald Trump and twisted it into hate. It is what the lie-beral media does best. It spreads hate and lies. It gets their websites hits and you all fall for those lies. You then blame the candidate for being human and most often for something that never happened.

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It is quite interesting that the lie-beral media has nothing to say about the matter and won’t let the mother have equal time after their repeated slanderous attacks against Trump. They committed libel against the mother as well. They have no care about the mother or her baby, the infant was merely USED a vehicle to attack the man they hate. Lie-berals will use anyone, and when they are done, they will throw them aside and never provide the real story.

The woman blew a huge opportunity to get rich, however. Had she lied, her child may have attended the most expensive schools in America. Why? Because she would be interviewed by every single lie-beral news outlet, on every Morning show, on every night show, in every Newspaper saying how horrible a man Donald Trump is. People are so stupid in America, they do not know that the more dishonest a person, the more the lie-beral media will pay them.

What did happen? Hillary did lie under oath to Congress committing a felony crime. The DNC did rig the Democratic Primary. The NSA is investigating Hillary. Hillary did resign in disgrace years ago. Names of people disclosed in Hillary’s classified emails have turned up dead. These are not rumors or blatant lies by the media. They are facts. And they define why Hillary can never be President. If she wins, she won’t be for long.

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