Lochte Runs From Rio Judge to Retain Gold

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Lochte Runs From Rio Judge to Retain Gold

In a move that would have resulted in a huge Olympics scandal, a Brazilian Judge tried to nab Olympic Gold Medalist ‘s Ryan Lochte’s passport. This was not because Lochte committed any crime, but a Brazilian Judge wanted to question him because a story regarding a robbery sounded kind of hokey. Lochte’s story does sound rather fantastical, but was backed up by team mates.

Lochte and is mates were riding in a taxi when they allege that they were pulled over by the cops and held at gunpoint while robbed after a night out celebrating. The group was out on the town after the finish of the Olympic swimming competition. Lochte has always been noted to be a party kind of guy. Police say he was intoxicated, like that was news. The Police did not mention if they or the Judge was intoxicated however.

The Judge appears to believe the Lochte story isn’t quite right, because there is a time lapse between the time of the alleged robbery and the time the athletes got back to the Olympic Village. However, ordering the passport be seized because of it demonstrates Rio is not grateful to the athletes that tolerated the swill hole in which they were housed.

The Judge and Police, however, have very sketchy reasoning to justify the detainment of a US Olympic Athlete. Certainly, in America, it would be laughed at.

Fortunately, before it became an international incident, Locthe and one swimmer skedaddled for home, anxious to take a shower in a clean bathroom without exposed electrical wires. The order from the Judge still stands, but after that experience, Lochte isn’t going back to Rio. Of that you can be certain.

Olympic swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were detained at the airport over the nonsense, however. and the Brasilian Courts and Police appear more corrupt than the US FBI. It is unknown if Conger and Bents have been released or how they are being treated, but America will not be adding Rio to its list of favorite vacation spots.

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