Lie-Beral Media Admits Lies And Slander, Invites Lawsuit By Trump And Republicans

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Lie-Beral Media Admits Lies And Slander, Invites Lawsuit By Trump And Republicans

Leaders of the lie-beral media have just admitted they are lying about Trump. It is a precedent setting event, because the media, in making such a statement, is stating they are printing garbage intended to damage an American and manipulate the outcome of an election. That, even if not a criminal offense, is certainly worthy of a civil action of astronomical proportions.

The media in the US is offered the powers of the First Amendment to report unbiased news based on facts. CNN, Crap Not News, and other liberal outlets have been spewing lies and rumors for weeks about Trump that anyone would be able to file a lawsuit over. In fact, it is quite possible Trump will and should already, but now it is certain he must.

Today, the leaders of the media admitted that they are doing it to manipulate the election because, in their opinion, he is too dangerous for the lie-beral media. Of course, so was McCain and every other non-liberal candidate going back decades, and this is the first time the media has admitted it is falsely reporting news. ADMITTING THEY ARE COMMITTING LIBEL.

Any news agency that uses the news for propaganda and lies is no longer fit to include the word “NEWS” on their pages. It is not “NEWS” it is gossip and nonsense. They have violated the First Amendment by abusing the trust it grants them to print facts and report on issues to America. And mostly, they have committed LIBEL against Republicans, which Democrat, liberal or just plain nothing at all, is actionable and they can no longer deny it. They do not have the right under the first Amendment to commit libelous acts.

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This defines the Democrats and Hillary, Hillary is all about lying, even under oath. That makes all Democrats liars if the top dog is a liar. And now the media admits it is lying. This gets to the justification of a totalitarian state in which all those in government are granted the power and justification to lie, and because Hillary did, we all should. Our justice system is enough of a joke without encouraging them to use libel as evidence.

This video that follows proves how sick America has become and why you must vote against Lies in the election. Libel is very different from political debate or campaign promises. It consists of lies, false news, slander, and perjury. If anyone that is registered to vote does not understand the difference between perjury and a political promise, they should not exercise their right to vote.

The problem the media has now is that they just admitted they are slandering Trump, and that is libel, and they are financially accountable to the Republicans, the voters and Trump, possibly for decades of actionable crimes.

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