Lie-beral Media Cannot Address Hillary Clinton’s Connection To Murder of DNC Staffer

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Lie-beral Media Cannot Address Hillary Clinton’s Connection To Murder of DNC Staffer

Hillary has been linked to more crimes than any candidate in history. While the lie-beral media has printed nonsense about Trump repeatedly, the fact is, genuine news links the smoking gun related to real crimes directly to Hillary.

The fact a DNC staffer was murdered and the murder was not investigated is suspicious enough, but the fact that just weeks later the DNC emals were leaked that proved the DNC had rigged the Democratic Primary makes it obvious this was a massive cover up.

Police claimed it was a robbery, but did not release any ballistics reports, suggesting the bullets may have been fired from Police guns. The cell phone and wallet of the staffer were still on his person untouched after the murder, which should tell anyone the motive for his murder was not robbery related.

There are statements robberies had occurred in the area, but there are no murders, and definitely none that involve shooting a man four times in the back. The intent of a person that shoots a man four times in the back is murder, it is not robbery. Police have not said at what range the man was shot or released any information related to an investigation one would have been thought would be pressed by the DNC in respect for the man’s family and his dedication to the DNC and Democratic Party.

Either the Democrats have absolutely no respect for a young man that died while providing a service to his country and the Democratic National Committee, or they are involved in his murder.

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