Liberal Media Harassing Wikileaks to Reveal Their Sources

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Liberal Media Harassing Wikileaks to Reveal Their Sources

One of the primary tenets of the First Amendment is the ability for news to be revealed to the Public that was obtained from an anonymous source without exposing that source. CNN, the Boston Globe, and every liberal news outlet stands by the belief that no news outlet should reveal their sources unless those sources wish it. Exposure of a source without the source’s express permission crushes the trust between the media and its source. It destroys the ability of the media to garner more material from legitimate credible sources that do not wish to be exposed. Protecting any source’s identity is basic policy for every news outlet in America and it has been upheld by US Courts.

Yet, liberal media outlets keep making idiotic statements like CNN, when they state, “Assange wont say whether Russia behind DNC Hack”. Neither would they if any source they used did not wish it. It is their obligation. It is not news.

We would say it is the pot calling the kettle black, but it is more like the media blaming itself because their own values are better applied by Wikileaks than any American news agency.

Via CNN.

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