Hillary Clinton To Be Impeached, Kaine Candidate For President

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Hillary Clinton To Be Impeached, Kaine Candidate For President

People appear to think the worst is over, and that because charges were not brought against Hillary, they never will be. There is no such protection under US law. At any time, new evidence or a different opinion regarding “probable cause” could arise that forces her indictment. The NSA hacked her emails and has them all. This strongly infers the NSA is doing an investigation. The NSA could force the indictment.

The Powers that be do not want to sway the Presidential election. Certainly, if Hillary was indicted, Trump would be President. It is highly probable that if Hillary did not have an albatross hanging around her neck that she would win the office. If the FBI and Justice Department indict her now, they would change history dramatically because it would alter the outcome of the election, and a Republican would hold the most powerful office in the world. They have to let the albatross do its job and drag her down.

The FBI and Justice Department have merely turned off the proverbial fan until after Hilary is in office, and as soon as that fan is turned on, the shit is going to hit it with a stench America has never experienced. And it is only then, America will realize they were duped into electing Kaine President of the United States.

To the Democrats, it matters not. They merely want to win, and they don’t care how. So what if Hillary gets the boot once in office? Kaine is President.

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If you aren’t voting for Kaine for President in November, you shouldn’t be thinking about voting for Hillary.

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