Julian Assange Leaks Critical Clues To Next Wikileaks Release in October About Hillary Clinton

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Julian Assange Leaks Critical Clues To Next Wikileaks Release in October About Hillary Clinton

The biggest takes from the interview with Julian Assange from Wikileaks on August 25, as usual, are quite subtle. A person not following the entire story, might easily miss their significance.

The first, and most important, take is that there never were any Russian Hackers and no Russians are involved in any part of this election. He referred to it as McCarthyism, which I have thought of several times, but not specifically because of the Russian hackers.

The second take is he has received some evidence pertaining to the murder of Seth Rich. He is going to hand it over to the Police who have now offered a larger reward than Assange did for evidence leading to Seth Rich’s murder. This may sound like the Police are the good guys, but not so fast, check out why this is likely suspicious below.

The third take is Assange said something that everyone should know. He cannot control where leaks come from or when they will come. He is not focusing on Hillary instead of Trump. It just happens to be that is where the information he received came from, and this makes perfect sense, because Trump was not in the spotlight as long nor was he in government.

Finally, Assange stated the next release from wikileaks will be in October. It is rather large. And he believes it may have a significant impact on the election. That means, if he hasn’t got anything on Trump, it isn’t good news for Hillary.

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The tit for tat reward offered by Police in the Seth Rich murder is just a tad larger than the one offered by Assange. That may sound good, but it has a purpose. The police will get the calls first. They can then suppress them. The cops are not offering the reward for any other reason, and they don’t usually do this.

This Russian clue means that America was lied to about the Russian Hackers. This is a huge revelation and many may miss it. It means the Democratic Party, the DNC, the FBI, the Justice Department and Hillary’s Campaign all colluded to make up a wild ridiculous and irrelevant story. And the media either blindly bought it with no research at all of their own, or also colluded to distract America from crimes committed by the DNC. Why didn’t the FBI go after the DNC instead of faking an investigation of an event that never occurred? Why didn’t they investigate the murder of Seth Rich instead?

The next leak in October could be the true end if Hillary is not smart enough to step down now. She has said she wont’ answer any more questions, which is the craziest thing ever in any election. So, she likely knows that no matter what she says, October’s wikileaks dump is going to determine who is President.

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