Hillary Clinton Makes Brilliant Move, Snubs Police Union

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Hillary Clinton Makes Brilliant Move, Snubs Police Union

We knew there was something we liked about this woman.

The fact is that Police Unions are unions that work specifically against the rights of American Citizens. They are in a war against the citizen, focusing mostly on the underprivileged and minorities, especially blacks. The Unions continually fight to protect officers that have committed crimes or that have been involved in serious misconduct incidents. Unions have blocked transparency into Police work and have worked for laws to conceal criminal actions by Police claiming they “interfere” with police work. Unions are to blame for the stonewalling that still allows Police to conceal exculpatory evidence, lie on Police Reports and misconstrue facts in trials.

Unions’ most despicable achievement has been to continually support discretionary laws without limits. Discretionary laws are laws that define probable cause based only on the word of a cop. Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the Peace, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting arrest are examples. These laws are typically so vaguely defined, they can be nearly impossible to defend against the false testimony and lies of a cop.

Cops continually insist they need these laws for control and protection, but they are sickeningly abused. Police do not use these laws for protection, they use them when they want to teach someone a lesson, like Rodney King. The person is beaten, humiliated and arrested and the person’s life can be ruined based on fairy tales the Brothers Grimm would envy.

Attempts to curtail the use of these laws has been met with stiff resistance by Police Unions, because without them, the unions would have a vastly weaker position when attempting to defend a bad cop. Consequently, unions encourage all cops to be bad cops.

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Specifically, the unions are all about protecting the member worker no matter what, and maintaining as much power and leverage as possible. In a workforce that is not empowered to arrest, detain and shoot folks, that is a great objective. For police, it defines a dangerous organization that’s primary purpose is to add to the ranks of bad cops.

Not seeking the endorsement of any Police Union is the best approach for any candidate. Condemning them at this juncture would be political suicide. Great move Hillary.

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