George Soros Purportedly Uses Hillary to Fund Terrorism

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George Soros Purportedly Uses Hillary to Fund Terrorism

George Soros has been vocal in his hatred of Israel and the Jews. He has funded radical Islamic organizations.

Today, more corruption came to light regarding the Clinton Foundation and it points directly at George Soros and the funding of terrorism.

It has been discovered that a Clinton aide was related directly to a radical Muslim publication and had ties to terrorists in the Middle East. Connecting the dots, it was further discovered that the aide worked for the Clinton Foundation connecting Muslim donors to the Foundation for favors from the State Department. At first, this may appear just a matter of money, but money comes from many sources, so why would Hillary take the risk of funding terrorists for charity. It doesn’t quite add up.

It does when you realize that George Soros dislikes Jews. George Soros would love this arrangement. Geroge Soros donates millions to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

The direct tie is not made, but there is much unexplained about the cover up of the scandal while Hillary was Secretary of State. Many players are involved in the cover up and at least one murder is involved. Major players in the FBI and Justice Department appear to also be involved.

Clinton would not have taken such a risk for just money. This has the stench of George Soros all over it.

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