UPDATE: FBI/Law Enforcement Likely Murdered Seth Rich For Corrupt Democrats?

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Does it strike anyone odd that the government is constantly clamoring about Russians but none of the clowns have looked into the most suspicious murder possible?  Russians spy on us all the time. We spy on them all the time. A person dies being shot in the back multiple times in Washington DC on a rather less frequent basis.

Seth Rich was murdered almost exactly when the leaks appeared on wikileaks.org showing the DNC had rigged the Primary. Half the DNC resigned, but none were arrested, which is curious, because the evidence was certainly that of criminal activity. Why didn’t the DNC members that were defrauding America get investigated, and why didn’t the FBI get involved directly in the investigation of the murder of a government employee they knew was involved with the DNC at the time of the leak? Why also did the DNC remain mum at the Democratic Convention about Seth Rich’s death and why hasn’t the US liberal media spoken out and attempted to assist in solving his murder?

Seth Rich’s parents are asking similar questions. Please excuse the quality of the audio, it gets much better as the video progresses. It is a tad long and does not state much more than we do here. However, it brings a new player into the field. A Republican lobbyist has offered a 125,000 reward for evidence leading to the arrest of Seth Rich’s murders. The family will likely be quite surprised if that reward turns up results.


We have since learned that the FBI fabricated the Russian story and have now admitted there was no link to Russians that was deterministic. Many had attempted to  hack both the parties mittees, so specifically naming Russians was a fallacy. The Police, the DNC and the US Media stated Seth Rich was a staffer, but that was a lie as well. He was a director with full access to the DNC emails.

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The Justice Department and FBI led America on a wild goose chase insisting Russian hackers were responsible for leaking the information to wikileaks. Problem is, wikileaks does not take information from governments that likely have an agenda, and their information has almost exclusively been from whistle blowers. The reason is that hackers’ require considerable vetting, whereas a whistle blower on the inside requires little.

Seth Rich worked for the DNC, he was 27 years old, and he was a whistle blower. Police covered up his murder from the start providing a vague police report, never following up, and stating it was a robbery. Nothing was stolen however. Police do not report that a robbery is suspected if no robbery occurred. Further, Police slipped up and mentioned there was a struggle. This means Seth Rich got up close with his assailants at 4 AM in the morning.  He likely knew them, something else the Police do not mention but would be considered common detective work.

Seth Rich was shot multiple times in the back and the intent was to make absolutely sure he was dead. His wallet, cell phone and watch were all on his person when the Police arrived (according to Police Reports). The Police were lying from the outset, which means they were in all likelihood involved in the plan to murder Seth Rich or agreed to cover it up.

Police did not release information about the weapon used or the caliber of the weapon. The family has now discovered what we believed from the outset. The gun is one typically owned by professionals, likely a semi-automatic pistol, that took Rich down. Guns often carried by law enforcement.

Another curious fact regarding the Police that allegedly investigated is they stated Seth Rich was alive when they arrived, but a few weeks later, stated he was dead when they arrived. Dead or alive? Big difference.

After wikileaks devastated the Democratic party with leaks from the DNC, the media went on a crazed propaganda spree to cover up Hillary and the Democrats have a major problem. They did not know what was to come.

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Julian Assange offered a reward for evidence leading to the arrest of the murderers of Seth Rich, stating that those that provide information to wikileaks often risk their lives. We reported on that. Seth Rich’s murder is the most suspicious murder ever reported, and the media does not want you to know about it. Seth Rich worked for the DNC, but he was not mentioned once in the Democratic National Convention circus extravaganza.

The lies by the Police imply law enforcement murdered Seth Rich, and they made sure he was dead. The fact they were stupid lies implies it was not the well planned, or at least the cover up was poorly executed.  The other clue Rich was murdered by law enforcement is the cover-up is perfectly coordinated. Cops do not rat on cops.

Interestingly, after leading America to believe for weeks Russian Hackers had leaked the information to wikileaks, the FBI and Justice Department SUDDENLY halted that investigation without explanation when Assange offered the Seth Rich reward.

The media, after Assange made his statement, pressed Assange to state if Rich was a source, but Assange cannot do that without Rich’s family’s permission and the media knows that. So the media put on a show, and staged a false cop to lie to America.

In the Show, a fake cop was presented to America that knew nothing at all about the investigation and also apparently never read the Police Report that was sworn to be fact under oath by the Police on the scene of Seth Rich’s murder. The fake cop made two statements that proved he was a phony and what he was saying was total jibberish.

First, the fake cop stated that Rich was dead when Police arrived and shot in the back with 2 bullets. The Police report says Rich was alive when they arrived and was shot by several bullets. The fake cop also stated the family had asked for everyone to be patient and allow Police to do their investigation. That is a lie. Seth Rich’s father stated to the Press the Police were not believable in saying the murder was a robbery because NOTHING was stolen. And the parents have once again put out a plea to the US Media to help.

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The timing and the evidence imply law enforcement shot and killed Seth Rich and they made sure he was dead. The FBI and Justice Department then focused America on Russian Spies to detract from the fact that it did not matter who leaked the information, the DNC was guilty.

What does matter, is that Seth Rich did not likely risk his life just for evidence of a few unscrupulous folks at the DNC. This goes much deeper.

If Seth Rich was murdered related to the DNC leak, everyone in the DNC and the Hillary Campaign covered it up. The Police covered it up and may have been involved. The FBI and the Justice Department covered it up and the FBI was required to investigate the murder of a government employee (but chose to pass) murdered that appeared to be related to the DNC leak.

The implication is that the corruption runs from the top of government all the way down to the cops on the street. There is no doubt Seth Rich was murdered, and there is no doubt the explanation by Police implies they were involved.

Since Julian Assange’s internet has been cut off no one has heard from him or seen him. To believe Seth Rich’s murder and the disappearance of Julian Assange are unrelated is naive.

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