Huge Difference Between Crime And Political Debate

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Huge Difference Between Crime And Political Debate

Most people believe all politicians lie. Political promises are mostly comprised of completely or partially misleading statements. Not one standing elected official can say that everything they ever stated was true or that every promise they ever made was fulfilled. It is likely not a soul on earth can. The media cannot be trusted to print the truth any more than you can trust a rattlesnake not to bite.

In this campaign, will Hillary and Trump manipulate the truth to mislead the American Public? Of course. Will promises made all be kept? Of course not. Does truth matter? Under Oath YES.

It does not matter how much the lie-beral media calls Trump a liar. It is a distraction from the fact Hillary is a proven criminal, which is vastly more serious. Even the worst lie is not the same as perjury. If you do not grasp the difference, you should not vote.

The biggest difference in this election is Hillary committed a felony crime lying under oath. She resigned in disgrace for it. That is not and never will be true of Trump no matter how much the media wants to equate any Republican statement to criminal activity. And further investigation of the event could lead to an indictment of Hillary in the future.

We call on Bill Clinton, the slickest of all, to define to America that it truly is a crime to lie under oath. He did it at the end of his Presidency, and it disgraced his legacy. The Justice Department and the FBI have failed us because by not indicting these people, they are saying the justice system is corrupt and based on lies and preferential treatment. A vote for Hillary is a vote for a corrupt government. That message will reverberate throughout the world.

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