Democrats Reported For Child Abuse In Attempt To Goad Donald Trump

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Democrats Reported For Child Abuse In Attempt To Goad Donald Trump

The Democrats have no shame, and they apparently also have no respect for human rights.

Word on the street is that the baby that was screaming during a speech by Donald Trump was a plant, The Democrats had arranged the prank to harass Trump and have been harassing him for weeks, attempting to draw any comment they can then turn into foolish irrelevant drivel.

The Democrats, in this case, have stooped to a new low just to torment Trump, resorting to even abuse of a child. The woman holding the child was torturing the baby to keep it crying, and not just crying, but screaming in a tantrum. She was teasing her with a toy, knowing each time she taunted the child it would scream. Just as the child would seem to go off to sleep, she would shake the child and wave the toy in front of it. When the child would reach, she would pull it away, starting the screaming all over again.

It was unclear to the people around the woman if she was the child’s mother, or someone hired to do the dastardly deed.

The woman was allegedly reported to authorities, but it is not clear if any action was taken.

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