Crooked Politicians on Both Sides Fear Trump

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Crooked Politicians on Both Sides Fear Trump

Indeed, the politicians are afraid of being exposed. They have been operating a corrupt government for decades, and manipulated America, concealing what would be considered illegal or immoral if exposed. Trump risks their careers in government because he is not one of the crowd. And if you or I were in his position, and we won the Presidency, when the curtain was drawn, we would likely puke.

It is not because Trump is controversial with the people, and indeed he slaughtered every Republican candidate in the primary. If we are going to have to run a competition in which two finalists go for the Gold Medal, we are not going to shoot the winner for our team in the leg. That is not what this is at all about.

It is senseless to not support Trump strongly as a candidate from the outset. It merely places the Democrats in control and in the long run empowers them to gain seats in Congress. So, the argument that Trump would somehow unhinge the Republican’s local achievements is low quality bologna. The arguments about him being a security risk for the nation is even more stupid in the wake of the revelation men have died as a result of Hillary’s run at classified materials. The fearful Congressmen that mock him would never get to his position as a candidate in their lives. Embracing him and educating him would be the logical thing to do, building alliances and moving forward for the best of America. Putting Hillary in charge guarantees a liberal Judge on the Supreme Court and a Democratic President for four to eight years.

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If you put this in perspective, these dissenters that all argue against abortion and believe it is against God are willing to see a Judge appointed that would amount to mass infant genocide. To what possible end?

None of the dissent is based on any interest in America, morals or the beliefs of these crooked politicians. It is based upon the dissenters’ own personal interests. They do not want to lose their jobs. If Trump gets elected, because he is not a politician or Republican first, but an American first, if these clowns are involved in illegal shenanigans, they will get the boot. It will be silent if possible, but if not, they will get removed the hard way. This is true of Democrats and Republicans that have escaped legal scrutiny for some of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

Trump is feared by crooked politicians. Those fearlessly backing him likely have nothing to hide. But I can guarantee that no matter what they say, none of them are doing it to elect Hillary. And no matter who gets elected, every one should be on the sharp end of the investigatory stick.

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