CNN Blows it Again. Still Cannot Prioritize News… Hillary Commits Felony Crime

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CNN Blows it Again. Still Cannot Prioritize News… Hillary Commits Felony Crime

CNN has been practically worshiping Hillary, and taking Donald Trump to task on the tiniest of tiny issues.

Hillary said she short circuited her answers to the public when she said she had been honest. She said she meant only that she was honest with the FBI (because the FBI had evidence in front of them and if she lied they would know). She did not say she lied to everyone else, and under sworn testimony, but that is for another day. It is obvious she did. And lying in front of Congress and the United States Public is a HUGE deal. It is a felony crime. And while she will likely not get prosecuted for it because the Justice Department is in the Democrats’ back pocket, she will still be eating crow because this makes her look daft and also makes any other claim she makes to defend herself questionable.

Trump, on the other hand, has not done much of anything since acknowledging a soldier’s father the Democrats wrote a skit for at the DNC. The entire segment was not worth a response at all. It was all staged to bait a trap for Trump, and he fell for it. So, we still are reading on CNN about his comment, which was taken out of context and ridiculously presented on CNN. The bottom line is that Trump got hammered over nothing at all, and CNN is still treating it as big news. They say he attacked the mother, but the fact is, all he said was he would have liked to hear from her and he wondered if she was not allowed to speak. That was not a comment about women in any way, it was related to the oppression of woman in many Muslim nations. It is well known and not worth a single news story, but CNN has played it for vastly more than it was worth.

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After a quip by Julian Assange when a liberal reporter asked him why they hadn’t hacked Trump but had hacked Hillary, CNN has a headline that he seriously said they haven’t hacked Trump…YET. First of all, Wikileaks did not hack anyone. They received material that was evidently from the NSA because the NSA hacked Hillary. Second, it was a simple joke, but CNN is playing it as fact. Wikileaks does not hack into sites. They would only publish evidence and verified from a trustworthy source. So, this also gets vastly more time than Hillary committing a felony and lying about it….TWICE…then admitting she lied within the same freakin’ day.

The fact Hillary lied to Congress under oath and to the public is huge, and she was caught. Today she tried to talk her way out of it and just dug herself in deeper because she lied again. If Trump had been caught in even the slightest hint of a lie, it would be plastered all over CNN for weeks.

CNN is no longer reputable. They consistently deliver CRAP NOT NEWS!

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