Black Woman Attorney That Broke Glass Ceiling Attacked By Police

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Black Woman Attorney That Broke Glass Ceiling Attacked By Police

Across the nation, District Attorneys prosecute thousands of criminals each day. Rarely are their tactics questioned, and the courts have provided any district attorney immunity even if they commit otherwise despicable acts to prosecute any criminal.

When a district attorney prosecutes the herd (minorities), concealing exculpatory evidence, preparing police to lie on the stand and threatening the poor with long sentences to garner false confessions are normal day to day activities, and not a soul cares. Anyone in America that has faced a trial knows, the police conceal exculpatory evidence, lose exculpatory evidence and lie constantly on the stand. Most likely the “probable cause” that allowed them to arrest anyone in the first place, was fabricated in a lie to the Court. If they do not think they could reasonably arrest someone, they just shoot them or beat them to teach them a lesson or drum up fantastical discretionary charges and arrest them for crimes like “Disorderly Conduct”, “Resisting Arrest” and “Assault and Battery on a Police Officer”. For decades, they have gotten away with it. No officer, no matter how heinous the crime, is ever found “responsible” by their own and they are not only protected throughout the Court system while the minorities abused are mocked. This case proves they even go after anyone in the justice system that abides by their oath to uphold the US Constitution.

When cops are caught up in a crime involving murder that would place any other person in prison for life, the attorneys that prosecute the police are targeted not only by the police, but the courts and the government. Only in such instances are attempts made to destroy district attorneys. This is especially true if the police murdered a black person.

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This attorney is being pursued now in this case for standing up for blacks against police that obviously were involved in a crime that resulted in the death of a black man. She is exempt from any such charge under law and based on a ruling by the US Supreme Court. But the government and the Police are setting her up to set an example nation wide to prevent anyone from prosecuting criminals that act under the color of law.

If you are an attorney that prosecutes criminals that work within the police department, you will pay. Police must be allowed to commit crimes at will, and your oath as an attorney and your obligation to the people the Police kill or falsely arrest and abuse is meaningless. We will crush you. Your career will be decimated. And if we get our way, we will put you in jail for prosecuting us.

Because police get such favoritism and infinite resources to conceal all police crimes, they cannot be allowed to attack their prosecutors. Judges in the US District Courts abuse their powers and violate the US Constitution on a daily basis to discourage anyone that would attempt to recover damages from a criminal that acted under the color of law. The civil case attorneys that would represent any such person merely treat it as a cottage industry in which they trick their own clients to make a fast buck, all the time negotiation with the cops and Judge about the best way to conceal the crimes. The District Courts, time and again, have proven to be a laughable joke for the citizen seeking protection or restitution for police crimes.

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The cops commit prosecution crimes every day and encourage bad behaviors and illegal prosecutions by DAs across the country. and the violations against crimes committed to prosecute minority citizens are beyond anyone’s imagination. For police criminals to be allowed to harass prosecutors makes those prosecutors afraid to prosecute cops. Blacks cannot seek restitution against a DA, making justice for blacks just another pathetic political joke on America.

The attorney that is attempting to act against this district attorney is merely a government actor behind which are criminal cops, criminal government officials and criminal judges that all want to conceal police crimes. He disgusts, and he should be disbarred. Freddie Gray is dead, and those that attempted to find justice against those that participated in his death will now be the ones illegally attacked.

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