Any Billionaire that Supports the Party Allegedly for the People is Lying

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Any Billionaire that Supports the Party Allegedly for the People is Lying

We have seen several headlines in which billionaires have thrown money at Hillary. These specific men have repeatedly shown that they have no problem manipulating markets, exercising complete control over companies or raiding and selling them, and abusing tax loopholes to evade taxes. Not one of them cares about the American People. In fact, even Warren Buffet must think people are fools, but Buffett, after 9/11 was vastly more concerned that insurance companies in which he invested would not be liable for terrorist acts. In other words, if an American was hurt in a terrorist act, and had insurance, Buffett did not want to pay that person or his family. These are Americans people. Buffett was vastly more concerned with his bottom line.

These billionaires want a President that rigs the markets further in their favor. They have huge investments overseas and in various assets that evade or defer the Capital Gains Tax. They want Hillary to win because she is more likely to sharply raise taxes on small business and the middle class. In so doing, the taxes not paid by these billionaires will give them even more leverage as the middle class and small businesses get hammered. Hillary wants to raise taxes 1.3 billion dollars, and that is exactly what someone like Warren Buffet or George Soros want to hear.

As an example, Soros investments would have cost Soros nearly seven billion dollars in taxes last year alone if it was not for all the favorable tax shelters and oversea investments in Ireland he has to evade taxes in the United States. Who do you think made up for that missing six billion? And these billionaires are also probably betting that the IRS will come after them if they do not kiss the next President’s derriere, because while these tax evasion tactics may appear legal, they are clearly questionable, and Facebook has been assessed as owning 5 billion dollars to the IRS already for similar activities.

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These men are manipulative traders that regularly act to move markets to make a fast buck, and their actions are most often very questionable from a legal perspective. Trading is a difficult game, but not paying taxes is such an advantage that no small investor could ever hope to catch up.

Billionaires are investing in Hillary out of greed salivating over raping the middle class and small businesses throughout America. They could not care less about America, and have repeatedly demonstrated that fact.

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