90% Of Clinton Foundation Funds Did Not Go To Charity

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90% Of Clinton Foundation Funds Did Not Go To Charity

The slush fund was primarily a direct funnel to the cronies and criminals in the Foundation as well as Bill and Hilary Clinton. Classified emails on Hillary’s private server were primarily shared among a triumvirate of individuals involved in a pay for play scheme operated by Hillary Clinton.

There is no charity in America that only delivers ten percent of its take to charity. The outfit is criminal, it involves bribery and fraud. Hillary released her tax return, which shows that the Clintons have risen to 10 million dollars in disclosed personal income, which should alert anyone to criminal activity on its own. They claim they paid 30% of that in taxes, but the taxes were paid by an illegal slush fund from which the money was supposed to go to charity.

Hillary Clinton will face prison time. The push is not for Hillary as president or for the respect women deserve in government, it is to get two liberal judges appointed to the Supreme Court and to ensure a Democrat is in the White House. Kaine will likely be President within one year of Clinton’s taking office. Her resignation will be called for from day one.

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