Wikileaks, The Only Reliable Media

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Wikileaks, The Only Reliable Media

In recent days, we have read article after article that either were blatant lies, distractions/diversions or misquotes out of context. The media is playing a dangerous game, because their lies have begun to take a toll on Americans, implying that anyone that is literate is stupid and incapable of making their own minds up about political or American affairs. The media wants you to all believe you need your brain cells fed to you on a silver spoon with a Jack Ass on the handle. It should not take much to make most Americans start to see that Jack Ass, the symbol of the Democratic Party, as representing those in our media that claim their are reporting the news.

Even outlets that are not merely liberal propaganda outlets are spewing articles distributed by liberal machines designed to destroy your opinion of anyone that dare contest Hillary as fit to run for President. They want you all to get the Russians because Hillary was exposed in illegal shenanigans and the DNC still would have to expel most of their leaders to clean out the quagmire of excrement that they spewed at one of their own, Bernie Sanders. They want to blame hackers for exposing criminal actions by Hillary and her ilk. The Justice Department and FBI want to investigate the cyber attack, but they have clear and irrefutable evidence that some Democrats in high places committed crimes akin to Watergate, and there is nary a mention of that.

Wikileaks leaked information vital to every American citizen. We cannot operate as a free nation and democratic society if we are not truly freely electing our government. Those that defraud America and that openly attempt to manipulate an election are despicable criminals that must be prosecuted. Make no mistake, if it was a Republican, he would be on the FBIs most wanted list.

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Wikileaks is the ONLY news outlet that provides truth. Read the truth and make up your own minds. And don’t blame the Russians or anyone else for exposing criminal acts by American politicians, blame the politicians! These were criminal acts against American citizens. Who gives a rat’s patuti how we found out??? It is a disgrace to not prosecute them, and it is a disgrace to say we are all treated equally under the law if they are not.

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