TSA claims they found guns during searches…

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TSA claims they found guns during searches…

many loaded. Of course, this is out of a huge number of searches, and the guns were in checked baggage, making it rather impossible to have used them. So, essentially, what they are saying is that TSA found harmless stuff, arrested people, detained people, and delayed lines and none of what they did served any purpose. Not one weapon they found would have been a weapon that could have been used during a flight. Not one they found that was being brought on a carry on was dangerous (except a couple of pocket knives, and anyone that thinks a single person with a single pocket knife could commit a terrorist act should note that no one in history has committed such an act with a pocket knife).

So, TSA is worthless and empties every single bag, destroying and losing passengers’ items. They have never ever made a claim that they found a dangerous piece of cookware or any metal object larger than a gun or grenade that was determined to be anything more than exactly what it looked like. Every piece of metal gets them to open a bag, even fish hooks or jewelry, even though nothing has ever been found anywhere in the world that has linked these small metal objects to anything dangerous. The most stupid thing that they have done thus far is require that passengers all take their shoes off because one terrorist attempted to bring a bomb inside his shoe. Not one case of a shoe bomb bringing down any plane or being used in any terrorist act has ever been recorded other than this one, and it was a plastic explosive, so taking your shoes off would never allow it to be detected anyway.

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They keep us from taking water on a plane, but not once has a liquid every been used in a terrorist act anywhere in the world. There was one scare that they thought could have implied a liquid was used that and the next thing you know, everyone has to purchase $3. water at the airport.

But a person could carry a plastic butcher knife onto a plane. Plastic weapons are cheap and easy to manufacture. There are even guns now made completely out of plastics. Plastic explosives are undetectable, but they look for signs of cow poop on a shoe or bag and refer to those as explosive (would take a truck load to blow up anything). The most successful known bomb technique in a terrorist act on a plane involved a coke can, which is readily available on board, into which something not detectable was placed.

Out of all the baggage checked, opened and destroyed, TSA has proven they are essentially worthless and destroy or damage many lives in the process of allowing underpaid security guards to harass people needlessly.

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