Second Democratic Party Primary Election Needed or Hillary Clinton Cannot be President

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Second Democratic Party Primary Election Needed or Hillary Clinton Cannot be President

Whether you believe Hillary knew about the rigged election or not, many in the Democratic Party did. Those that participated in the rigging of that election invalidated it. It was no longer a free democratic election. It was a fixed, corrupt election.

If you allow Hillary to run for President and she wins, she can be thrown out of office by the Judiciary. It is analogous to finding out that the winner of an Olympic Event won the final heat, but had cheated in the semifinal heat. Doesn’t matter if he won in the final heat, he is disqualified. Hillary was not elected via a legal process. She cannot be President until she wins a legal primary.

If she managed to get that far, someone will determine this to be fact. Someone will sue her to get her out of the office. If, of course, she herself is not indicted.

This is not something you can brush under the rug. This was a criminally rigged election, and regardless of who is at fault, it made that election invalid, and no result can be derived from it.

Of course, it is preposterous to think the primary could be run all over again. But Obama can’t stay President. The only legitimately elected candidate is Trump. If that is the case by November, he is the sole legitimate candidate for President, and we don’t even have to vote.

Just like the Russians got suspended for doping, the Democrats need to be suspended from this election. They are done for the season.

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