Pigs will be pigs, and they now blame the Blacks for “violent tendencies”

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Not sure, but it is our guess that the cop in this ridiculous act of violence against a woman he was able to throw around like a rag doll demonstrates who has the violent side is. Cops have guns, are trained in violent tactics to “restrain” victims, have mace, tazers, and are usually much larger than their victims and in numbers.

Pigs are not afraid of blacks, and this pig was not afraid of this woman. He wanted to teach her a lesson by potentially ruining her entire life. To a pig, an inconvenience justifies putting you in the hospital, arresting you, and lying against you in Court and on the Police Report.

Most people abused in this way do not get the film of the act shown on the news. Most suffer for years, losing jobs, going through medical treatments or attend their own funeral because a pig showed up at the scene instead of a trained and honorable Police Officer.


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