Justice Department: Make Certain We Properly Manage Restroom Use By TransGenders But Let Police Keep Murdering Blacks

Justice Department: Make Certain We Properly Manage Restroom Use By TransGenders But Let Police Keep Murdering Blacks

Recent murders of Blacks in living color have not stirred the Justice Department’s concern for any black person’s rights. Even the shooting of a black medical professional by a white mental midget operating under the color of law does not garner a single word from the Justice Department.  The Justice Department fights every day to […]

Quote of the Day

“Trying to count the ways I hate Tim Kaine. Drawing a blank. Congrats to a good man and a good friend.” — Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), on Twitter. Read more from the original source…

Kaine Makes His Debut as Clinton’s Running Mate

Sen. Tim Kaine made his debut as Hillary Clinton’s running mate at Florida International University, “taking the stage with the soon-to-be Democratic presidential nominee in bilingual Miami so that he could show off his Spanishl,” the Miami Herald reports. Said Kaine: “Bienvenidos a todos. We’re going to be compañeros del alma.” Michael Tomasky: “Holy crap. […]

Snapchat’s Curious About-Face

Fleeting memories will be a thing of the past with a new Snapchat feature currently rolling out. “Memories,” introduced earlier this month, allows users to save photos and photo stories to their phones, as well as share them with friends. Finding snaps or stories can be done with a simple text search. Protecting snaps and […]

Android, Chromebook Make a Sweet Couple

Chrome OS and Android Apps now run together on some Chromebooks. Many, but not all, Chromebook models will get the operating system update that allows it as fall approaches. The Asus Chromebook Flip C100P — the first Chromebook to get the upgrade — is an impressive example of what will come with the hybrid integration […]

McDonald’s Has Stopped Selling Big Macs in Venezuela

McDonald’s has temporarily stopped selling Big Macs in Venezuela due to a food shortage affecting the bread that typically goes between the burger’s two meat patties. “McDonald’s Venezuela is working to resolve this temporary situation,” Daniel Schleiniger, a spokesman for Arcos Dorados, which operates McDonald’s restaurants throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, said in a […]

Civil Rights Office Issues Ransomware Guidance

Ransomware infections are on the rise, and healthcare organizations are ripe targets, which may be why the federal government addressed the subject last week. Ransomware attacks have risen from about 1,000 a day last year to 4,000 a day this year, Symantec has reported. Many of those attacks are for small change, but some of […]

Verizon on Verge of $5B Deal for Yahoo Core Assets

Verizon reportedly is close to a deal to buy the core Web assets of Yahoo for $5 billion, which would end a months-long process of jockeying over the future of the struggling company. Verizon emerged as the winner of a lengthy bidding contest to acquire the assets, according to reports that surfaced Friday. An agreement […]

LinkedIn Spiffs Up Sales Navigator

LinkedIn this week announced three updates to Sales Navigator. One is deeper integration with Salesforce CRM data, allowing leads and accounts to be imported into Sales Navigator automatically. More than 20 LinkedIn customers already are using this feature. The second is direct integration of Sales Navigator with Gmail, allowing users to access all LinkedIn public […]

Musk Plots Out Tesla’s Next 10 Years

Elon Musk on Wednesday introduced a second master plan for Tesla, a follow-up to the vision he shared 10 years ago. The original master plan is now in the final stages of execution, he said. The refresh sketches out a multiyear, four-pronged strategy that is about more than vehicles. Musk also plans to advance an […]

Here’s How to Get More Pizza for Your Money By Using Math

Even if you don’t remember much from your high school math classes, you know that pizza is a circle and the best way to divide a circle is by using math. (Hopefully that didn’t kill your appetite!) A new video from YouTube channel ASAP Science breaks down how to maximize your pizza consumption, using math. […]

Why We Should Still Be Worried About Brexit’s Impact

Some statistics matter more than others — especially in an economy being driven by central bankers rather than politicians. That’s my takeaway from the raft of conflicting data coming out of the U.K. post-Brexit. The Bank of England surveys are telling us that the British economy has weathered the storm of the last two weeks, […]