The Murder Of Children By Government, Police and US Courts

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The government and police do not get it at all. This recent series of protests and responses to their murders of blacks is not simply about the slaughter of blacks. It is about accountability for police.

Police, every day, murder and arrest people wrongly. Even during this very sequence of news events, the facts the Police state are repeated by the media as fact. Police do not know how to state truth, only facts that protect their own and their acts, and the government has written off the poor in America as simply collateral damage.

The Police kill about fifty times the number of civilians, mostly unarmed civilians, than criminals kill police. So the general lie about being targeted by the community is crap, and it is only now happening because the Government and Police have been lying so very long.

police1False arrest and murder by Police impacts vastly more than their victims. The entire family pays, primarily the children either directly or indirectly, for illegal acts by Police. District Attorneys have been dismissed from responsibility by an idiotic ruling by the Supreme Court stating that if prosecutors had to obey the law, they would not be able to prosecute people effectively. The courts have ruled, poor people must die or go to prison, because these judges believe that is legal based on the US Constitution. It is such an incredible lie, that people do not believe it, and therein lies its strength. It is so stupid and so unbelievable, that no rational person wanting to justify the murder and prosecution of the poor would ever believe it.

The statements made are this:

  1. Poor people can die and be falsely arrested at will by Police for the betterment of society. Their eradication cuts back on social costs and crime.
  2. False arrest and murder of the poor will be protected by the US District Courts in direct violation of the Constitution because murdering and prosecuting the poor protects the rich.
  3. The poor are more likely to complain and cause unrest because they are the ones being mistreated, jailed and murdered, so the best approach is to undermine anything they do and murder and arrest as many as we can.
  4. A quote from a Judge in the US District Court relates it best. “Where is the blood”? This was in response to any lawsuit in which the person was not mutilated or murdered by Police regardless of whether the Police committed a crime.
  5. Fear is control, so ostracize anyone that states anything against the government (in other words that observes their First Amendment Right) and strike fear into the poor community by murdering and prosecuting them for just being them.

Government chooses to make a difference between Police Crime and any other crime. For Police, it is called “misconduct”. A policeman accused of misconduct will likely receive a PAID vacation called “administrative leave” for as long as it takes for the noise to die down. A citizen, in turn, most likely a poor and vulnerable person, accused of the most innocuous and worthless prosecution will be arrested, lose their jobs and be thrown in jail until bail is delivered. That person will often not be able to work again until exhonorated, and then the courts will harass that person and refuse to seal their record until five years have passed (at least in Massachusetts they have that hope) by which time, the Police hope they will be able to drum up some other excuse to arrest their target.


Police are excused from all responsibility for any criminal act including murder. District attorneys are excused from any criminal act including murder or concealing evidence and being a direct or indirect accessory to murder or falsifying government documents.

Police and prosecutors are not held responsible for illegally prosecuting and even murdering blacks. That is the point! Don’t miss it, because the President, the Police and everyone else want you to. Their response from the powerful is we must restore “Law and Order” and that, for decades, by THEIR definition, has been to murder and prosecute the poor without consequence. And their acts destroy all children in those communities just because that is where they were born.

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