Melania Trump speech similar to that of Michelle Obama’s… big deal, so what!

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Melania Trump speech similar to that of Michelle Obama’s… big deal, so what!

Today, quotes from a Melania Trump’s speech were continually referred throughout the media as plagiarism because they have a similarity to other speeches of their ilk, one made by the First Lady, Michelle Obama.  The words are not the writings of a genius, but as common as “Hello, how are you?”.  The gist was talking about people pursuing their dreams in America.

The media is so mindless about these things now, this becomes a headline over murders of blacks and Officers of the Law!!  And they are outright stating it was plagiarism, when they have no clue what the meaning of plagiarism is.
John F. Kennedy made a famous statement about going to the moon, “We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”.  These words are all so very simple, but blended into an art form that defines John F. Kennedy and his brilliance on the podium.  If anyone said those words in a very similar way, even that would not be plagiarism.  It would be rather obvious and embarrassing, but not plagiarism. One wold merely say they were sorry for the similarities, and that would be that.
But when someone associated with Trump says something even remotely similar in the human language to someone in the Democratic Party, WATCH OUT, PLAGIARISM!!!
alfredneumanThe media has gotten so delightfully ignorant of how stupid they have made themselves repeatedly over minor inconsequential matters to do everything in their power to crush Trump.  Instead, they have strengthened Trump, provided him huge publicity, and have a general public that is reading this garbage and saying “SO WHAT!”.
After a while, because the media is so liberal in the US, it reflects negatively upon the Democratic party.  It makes them look like petty little children.  And that plays right into Trump’s hands.
What next?  It is getting hard to know.  The petty articles spewing from the media at every turn just have people laughing, shaking their heads or rooting for Trump.   Maybe all three!!
We know, we bet someone in the Trump camp will J walk.  Next Big Headline.   “Trump traffic incident has near fatal results”.
The actual news is getting more like a “Mad Magazine” parody every day!
ALFRED E. NEWMAN FOR PRESIDENT!!   “What, me worry?”
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