#DNCLeaks. So Hillary Clinton cheated…

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#DNCLeaks. So Hillary Clinton cheated…

to win the Democratic nomination. Wikileaks put out emails showing the Democratic National Committee assisted her in redirecting money that was supposed to go to Sanders to Clinton. It also proves that the Democratic National Committee planted people in the debates between the two to bring out sensitive issues to intentionally incite voters against Sanders.

Sanders and his people had repeatedly accused Clinton and the DNC of this, but Clinton’s campaign folks and the DNC basically called him scum and a liar. But it was true all along. Sanders agreed to not contest the primary and support Clinton, but now there is evidence that the entire primary was rigged. There are also references to prior Democratic primaries that were rigged by the DNC.

We would like a woman in office. We think it would be good for the nation. But she lied about the Top Secret Documents she flung about like free issues of the National Enquirer. She took Top Secret documents and exposed them in a way that would have gotten any other person with a clearance terminated immediately. She resigned because of it, but implied she had done nothing wrong. Then don’t resign. No one that has ever resigned from office has become President. And now she has cheated in a national election, the basis of our entire form of government.

No one is responding now on their side, but before when Sanders said it was happening they were up in arms calling him every name in the book.

Bill was slick and could get away with this shit. He did it all the time, but no one would find out until long after the fact. Hillary is doing the same stuff, but she is getting caught immediately.

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Wikileaks and Snowden are God’s to us. America is all about the truth and equality, etc. And yet, the DNC and Hillary, under a sworn statement that they would uphold all the rules of the election, cheated and lied.

We had started to think she may be a better president over time, because she is a woman and because the government around her would be very certain to ensure her presidency went off without a hitch. But we could never vote for her now. She is a dishonest crook. And this is just what was exposed about her. How much more is there under the rug?

It will be a great day when a woman is elected president, but not if she is a conniving, lying cheat that takes no responsibility for her negligent or illegal actions. Stealing money from her opponent in an election???

Trump could have all but won if this is true to the degree it seems and they can’t do a Bill Clinton dance to get out of it.

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