#DNCLeaks: Democrats cry shame on scapegoat, knowing Hillary Clinton ran the Wikileaks sideshow

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It is amazing how stupid the Democrats think the nation is. When Nixon resigned and was investigated for Watergate, others were investigated, and others had instigated and planned it. Ultimately, it was he that approved it. Ultimately, Hillary had to be involved and had to direct this despicable manipulation of the Democratic primary. And even the scapegoat will not spill the beans, and not a single Democrat will admit it, because they know, when it comes out, Hillary is toast. She can never be President if she participated in the manipulation of an election in a democratic society that represents itself to the world as the cornerstone of free elections and democracy.

If Hillary is elected, and she is implicated, the world will openly recognize our government as proven to be corrupt. What Hillary did was despicable. And the entire Democratic party is now trying to cover her ass, but it is much too big to cover.


If Hillary was already President, and this came out, Hillary would be asked to resign. The Democrats know this. And if they manage to get past this into November and get her elected, she will be forced to resign in disgrace, but the Democrat VP will still be the President, not a Republican. That is ally they care about at this point. What is incredible is that Sanders never had a chance. They did this because Sanders would have been trounced by Trump. But it was so incredibly stupid to have wasted the effort on a person that could not have beaten Hillary in the election anyway. Beating him honestly would have garnered his support and the respect of everyone in the nation.

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The Democrats, not the DNC, rigged a free election. It is the biggest possible failure in any “democratic” nation. And now they will do anything to get her into office before everybody in the nation admits the obvious. Hillary acted stupidly, criminally and despicably. She was already forced to resign her office once. She will resign the Presidency if she wins. You are no longer voting for Hillary if you vote for her, you are voting for a party that was caught red handed violating your trust. To call themselves the “Democratic” party is a disgrace.

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