Democrats and Media Resort to Huge Khan Job

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Democrats and Media Resort to Huge Khan Job

Anyone that made fun of the monkey that spoke at the Democratic National Convention had every reason. Even the liberal media said the day after his speech that essentially everything he said was false!

This clown, the Democrats and the media are abusing his son’s memory. But his statements are meaningless and he is obviously a Democrat In Muslim clothing. Take that clothing off, and all you have is a Democratic monkey underneath dancing to the Democratic music.

Khan’s speech was written by other Democratic Monkees specifically for the convention. If any of you believe that this speech was not prepared and rehearsed to death before it was staged, you are as stupid as an ape. And every response made published by the media is equally staged garbage. Khan is not worthy of the dirt on Trump’s shoes. But the media is attempting to give this boob equal footing to take the focus off of Hillary.

This Khan job of a person has used his son disgracefully and despicably to imply Americans should not focus on protecting America from terrorism because it would focus on Muslim nations. That is as stupid as saying that we should not have focused on Japanese during the world war because it would have been racist to kill them if they weren’t white.

No, of course, all Muslims are NOT terrorists. Of course, it is a small minority. Of course it is against our principles. However, it is also our responsibility to uphold the US Constitution for American citizens. The US Constitution involves the right to life for American citizens, and unlike the baboon in a suit presented at the DNC implies, it ONLY applies in America and it only applies to those within our borders.

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To those so stupid they would imply we would have kept this clown’s son out of the country 20 years ago, they must be missing the simple fact that we weren’t facing mass radical religion based terrorism then. It is as irrelevant as every word that comes out of the monkee’s mouth. Every recent major terrorist act in allied nations and the US has been committed by a Muslim radical. Every major terrorist act committed in Muslim countries of late has been committed by a Muslim radical. So, who do you focus on when you deal with immigration from various nations? Should we worry about terrorism by the Chinese, for example, when we have never had a single terrorist event occur as the result of a Chinese citizen or guest? Of course that is moronic.

The Democrats and the media are implying that if we focus on the group most likely to spawn terrorists, then we are racist. We are not racist. We are acting based on our constitution which requires we protect the lives of US Citizens and those within our borders, including all Muslims that are within our borders. That is not racist. That is protecting Muslims too from the terrorists. In case anyone missed the bombing in Afghanistan, make no mistake, Muslims are in grave danger from the terrorists, and I don’t think any of them living here would blame you one bit if you applied scrutiny upon those from Muslim nations so that Muslim children in the US would be protected.

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Khan is a moron or a staged actor. He may be a real person, but if he is an attorney, it is shocking he knows so little about the US Constitution. His son died fighting for us protecting Muslims IN THE US from terrorism. He didn’t fight for an open door policy to invite terrorists in. And his son is one out of 5000 soldiers that have died since the Iraq conflict began. Get in line. They are all just as important and just as worthy, and they outnumber this one clown’s kid thousands to one.

Here is my most despicable sounding statement about this Monkey With The Bald Head. But think about it before you react. If one American, no matter what religion, was saved as a result of a program that would have denied this man’s son from entry to the country, it would have been well worth it. The speech was an insult to every American that died or was injured on 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing and every international attack on our allies. The DNC is using a Muslim to imply that they could protect America without focusing on Muslims as the likely source of terrorists. But the Democrats and the government have been doing it for a decade or more. They have no choice. Trump just said it plainly.

While I did not appreciate the reference by Trump to Khan’s wife because she was silent, one must be cognizant of recent articles referencing men in these countries raping women, killing them and forcing women to wear black garments and masks to realize that women are horribly oppressed in many Muslim nations. It isn’t a secret. And everybody that doesn’t believe it can just read the headlines that accompany all the bullshit associated with getting Hillary elected.

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If I was Trump, I would apologize to woman for the reference, but I would still call Khan a monkey that wouldn’t know the US Constitution if it bit him on his hairy behind.

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