Sanders Shameful In Reponse To WikiLeaks #DNCLeaks

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Sanders Shameful In Reponse To WikiLeaks #DNCLeaks

As most folks are aware, Wikileaks released emails clearly defining the Democratic Primary as rigged. This is likely only the tip of the iceberg, and there is likely much more to come. Sanders had called out the DNC and Hillary for cheating months ago, but now he wants to make sure the Democrats win regardless of what he had identified to be the disgraceful and illegal manipulation of a national election.

This is akin to asking Nixon to run for another term after Watergate. Hillary got the nomination under false pretense. She cheated. She had to know, and if more Wikileaks emails come out that implicate Hillary, Hillary is D-O-N-E. And Sanders goes with her knowing full well that he endorsed the person he knew to be a criminal.

The Democrats, and of course the media, have to scramble to minimize the damage, believing the Public will not read the emails. Their first act is to scapegoat the chairwoman of the DNC. Sanders says she must go, but we must get Clinton elected.

In effect, and there is no other interpretation, Sanders is saying, “I was right about Hillary, her campaign staff, and the DNC. The were rigging a free election, but it is more important to elect a crooked and dishonest Democrat president than any Republican”.

We get the impression that if Hillary had shot Sanders that while he lied dying in a pool of his own blood, he would call for stronger gun laws, and call on America to elect Clinton in his stead.

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Sanders now is no liberal hero. He is a coward and a failure. If anything occurs to further implicate Hillary, he will go down with her. And he should. Shame, Bernie, for being such a false prophet.

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