Wikileaks, The Only Reliable Media

Wikileaks, The Only Reliable Media

In recent days, we have read article after article that either were blatant lies, distractions/diversions or misquotes out of context. The media is playing a dangerous game, because their lies have begun to take a toll on Americans, implying that anyone that is literate is stupid and incapable of making their own minds up about […]

TSA claims they found guns during searches…

TSA claims they found guns during searches…

many loaded. Of course, this is out of a huge number of searches, and the guns were in checked baggage, making it rather impossible to have used them. So, essentially, what they are saying is that TSA found harmless stuff, arrested people, detained people, and delayed lines and none of what they did served any […]

Democrats and Media Resort to Huge Khan Job

Democrats and Media Resort to Huge Khan Job

Anyone that made fun of the monkey that spoke at the Democratic National Convention had every reason. Even the liberal media said the day after his speech that essentially everything he said was false! This clown, the Democrats and the media are abusing his son’s memory. But his statements are meaningless and he is obviously […]

Strong finish propels Exaggerator to victory

Kent Desormeaux had seen this act before and knew he was about to close it with a flourish once more. It didn’t matter that the Kentucky Derby winner was ahead of him, nor that he had to pass a front-running rival atop the horse trained by the man who effectively owns the race. By guiding […]

U.S. Constitution Is Now a Bestseller

“A pocket version of the U.S. constitution has become a bestseller on Amazon,” the Guardian reports. “The constitution emerged as a bestseller days after the Muslim-American lawyer Khizr Khan, whose son was killed while serving in Iraq, flashed a pocket constitution and offered to lend it to the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, during a […]

Clinton Campaign Latest Target of Hackers Linked to Russia

The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the latest possible victim of a series of hack attacks some cybersecurity experts have linked to the Russian government. Campaign officials reportedly acknowledged that an analytics program it uses, which is maintained by the DNC, was accessed in a breach discovered earlier this month. However, its […]

Instagram’s Newest Feature Aims to Fight Online Harassment

Instagram will soon allow users to filter the comments they see on their posts—or turn comments off entirely—as a way of reducing online harassment. High-profile accounts will be the first have access to the new feature, so that they can give Instagram feedback, and in the coming weeks it will roll out to all users, […]

KeySniffer Follows the Scent of Cheap Wireless Keyboards

A vulnerability in inexpensive wireless keyboards lets hackers steal private data, Bastille reported this week. The vulnerability lets hackers use a new attack the firm dubbed “KeySniffer” to eavesdrop on and capture every keystroke typed from up to 250 feet away. The stolen data is rendered in clear text. It lets hackers search for victims’ […]

The 4 Fundamental Attributes of Customer Loyalty, Part 3

Dealing with customers in context can equate with personalization, as many define it. Also, it can refer to enabling customers to jump out of a largely automated customer-facing process to deal with a company representative. Additionally, it can mean getting down in the weeds of some hyper-specific aspect of a customer’s issue. A lot depends […]

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