President, first lady visit fasting immigration reform protesters [photos]

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President, first lady visit fasting immigration reform protesters [photos]

Earlier this week, first lady Michelle Obama tweeted her support for the fasting immigration protesters on the National Mall, saying, “We’re with you.”

Today, the first lady and her husband met with the protesters in person to show their support. The Fast for Families activists have gathered in a tent near the U.S. Capitol for more than two weeks, demanding that Congress approve amnesty and eventual citizenship for immigrants who are residing in the U.S. illegally.

The president was heckled in San Francisco earlier this week by a young man who repeatedly shouted, “Stop deportation.” The President has long made his interest in passing amnesty known, telling Telemundo on immigration that “I’m not a king” and telling a questioner on a Google+ Hangout, “I’m president, not emperor.” In other words, blame Congress.

What did the president have to say to the fasters?

The Obamas are a bit late in visiting the tent. Rep. Nancy Pelosi shared a prayer with the fasters two weeks ago.


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On Thanksgiving, Sen. Harry Reid’s thoughts are with immigration activists

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