Jenna Elfman touched by ‘overwhelmingly positive response’ to ‘1600 Penn’

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Jenna Elfman touched by ‘overwhelmingly positive response’ to ‘1600 Penn’

The Twittersphere wasn’t kind to “1600 Penn” when NBC dusted off the comedy in December to serve as a mid-season replacement. The show, co-created by Jon Lovett, a former speechwriter for President Obama, got a high-profile boost this week when it enjoyed a special screening in the real-life White House. Jenna Elfman, who stars as the first lady, tweeted her thanks today for the “overwhelmingly positive response” to the show.

To be fair, a lot of people seem to have enjoyed tonight’s episode, but “overwhelming” might be stretching things a bit. Maybe Elfman is tweeting in character, and as first lady has reviews like these screened out by staff members.

So what was the #logline for 1600 Penn: A family with so many problems and they live in the White House. #NBC exec., “I’m sold.”

— Nick Watkins (@CowboyinEurope) January 12, 2013

“Guys, GUYS, let’s do the same tired jokes and gags as usual, but this time in the White House!” – Pitch for #1600Penn

— Clay Fowler (@clayrelwof) January 12, 2013

After further review, the new NBC comedy 1600 Penn is just, just awful.

— Tim S (@timschuda) January 12, 2013

Boy, was @dchagedorn right about 1600 Penn.Made my eyes hurt from rolling them.

— Jean Marie Doyle (@grouchywoman) January 12, 2013

1600 Penn is really bad, like really REALLY bad.

— Will Downey (@Upside_DOWNEY) January 12, 2013

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#1600Penn is like the dumbest show ever.

— TheTallOne (@ElleFilles) January 12, 2013

I take that back. #1600Penn is not “like” the dumbest show ever. It is the dumbest show ever.

— TheTallOne (@ElleFilles) January 12, 2013

1600 Penn is a terrible show and I’m suing @nbc to get those 30 minutes of my life back

— Nate the Great (@MateWithNate) January 12, 2013

Good lord 1600 Penn is a horrible show but it does make the Obama administration look competent.

— Tracy Hamm (@Tracy_Hamm) January 12, 2013

Maybe that’s the reason for the White House screening.

My review of the new show 1600 Penn, it sucks.

— Brett Campbell (@BrettAndReyes) January 12, 2013

It’s the WORST! RT @savvyaunty: Wanted to like #1600Penn for a multitude of reasons, but OMG it’s so bad.

— Debra Palermo (@debrapalermo) January 12, 2013

Wow!! #1600Penn has already #jumpedtheshark. Wonder what’s on C-Span?

— David B (@AZDavidSB) January 12, 2013

Channel-surfed and stopped at a show called #1600Penn. Dumbest show I have ever seen. #oweCavemenanapology #acting/writingcausingnausea

— Joshua Youssef (@JoshYoussef) January 12, 2013

This show 1600 Penn is retarded

— kristinadesiree (@lacedsequins) January 12, 2013

1600 Penn is such a pile. Of course something like this WON’T be cancelled.

— Patrick Johnson (@Patrick720) January 12, 2013

Instant review: the TV show ‘1600 Penn’ is crap.

— Steve Wright (@stevewrightr) January 12, 2013

After about three minutes of 1600 Penn, I’ve concluded it’s unconscionably unfunny.

— Matt Solomon (@AttyMattSolomon) January 12, 2013

In the middle of watching 1600 Penn and my grandma turns the tv off because “it is as stupid as the real white house.” #thisisawkward

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— Lindsey Colling (@LindseyColling) January 12, 2013

1600 Penn looks like it could very well be the worst show ever.

— Patrick Cooper (@Patrikamous95) January 12, 2013

1600 Penn, that’s the name of a show that will be canceled soon.

— Danger Sutherland (@beamerpower) January 12, 2013

Has 1600 Penn been cancelled yet?

— Gene (@my2bucks) January 12, 2013

How soon until we hear fans outside of NBC chanting, “Four more episodes!”

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