Why They REALLY Want to Cut Social Security

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Why They REALLY Want to Cut Social Security

As I read yet another politician stating we cannot balance the budget without cutting entitlements such as Social Security and Medicaid, I realized how numb I have become to these proclamations. They have now been used for decades.

The truly sad part about saying it now is because in 2009, the banks and investment companies collapsed based on greed, and they cost the nation a trillion dollars. I do not blame the politicians, they were not the ones that orchestrated the disaster. Alan Greenspan, the bank officers, and the mortgage companies were quite capable of destroying our economy and proved it. Because the SEC was present in their offices at the time made it nearly impossible to arrest them without arresting some of the folks in the SEC too. So, not only did they get away with billions in their pockets, they even got to keep their jobs.


Now all I can ask of these politicians is, how far would that trillion dollars have gone to balance our budget?

If the government insists on letting almost all of the responsible parties get off with no penalties, why are they asking the elderly to suffer to make up for it now? Certainly when they said the same thing a decade ago about cutting entitlements, we were at least a trillion dollars better off then than now, and it wasn’t the elderly’s fault that it happened, well, except for the biggest criminal in US history, Alan Greenspan, who is happily retired and wealthy.

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