Cop Murders White Teenager and Lies, DA Says Kill Them All

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devenguilfordWhat really happens when Police pull over unarmed citizens? Sometimes it amounts to nothing less than murder, and all that has to be done to convince anyone it was murder is to examine the circumstance logically and determine if the cop was truly a killer.

Cops get reviewed by other cops which is useless, or a DA’s office that depends on the cops to arrest as many people as possible. Murder is not the DA’s focus unless it is a citizen, not a cop, that does it. Very rarely do cops come into question for murder. But make no mistake, it is murder.

In this instance, a teenager, was pulled over for allegedly flashing his high beams. Now, having your high beams on accidentally, or bumping the stalk can cause this and while it is stated as a traffic violation, it is not technically “illegal” as the media would have you believe. It is a civil violation for which you can be fined, and it is not much different from a speeding ticket or any other such violation. The media is lying to you when they say it is “illegal”. It is not a crime and not an arrestable offense.

The teen, Deven Guilford, was stopped for flashing his high beams. It is unlikely the reason he was pulled over. He was pulled over to search for drugs. However, the teen is adamant he will not approve the search of the car. This, as in most cases, results in an irate cop, because they are taught to intimidate and threaten people to garner permission for that search without a warrant. But Guilford was prepared and said he would get out of the car, but he would not permit the search.

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Guilford cooperates and gets on the ground, and all this officer had to do was cuff him, but he instead, while Guilford is lying on the ground, tasers him after kicking his phone away. Mind you, this is an adult man and a 17 year old kid. A taser can kill, and the kid is on the ground. The cop claims he thought the kid was calling in reinforcements, which is idiotic. The cop had already called for reinforcements and decided to play Rambo before his fellow officers got there. Why? Because he wanted to hurt this kid and he wanted to search that car.

Now, let’s just say he instead calls for reinforcements, and tells the kid to sit tight until they get there. What happens? Nothing. The cops are prepared, have sirens and are trained. They would get there in several minutes, while anyone the kid could possibly call would take a much longer time to arrive and by then, they would not mess with multiple cops with guns. The advice for this cop was to call in reinforcements, not to murder a teenager.

After kicking away the phone and tasering the kid instead of cuffing him, the kid gets up, because he feels like he is under attack. It is a logical response to the pain being inflicted unnecessarily by what can only be described as a murdering pig.

The cop unloads his entire gun in the next few seconds into the teenager killing him. These guns are powerful 44 caliber weapons. One shot stops you cold, the second kills you if you are not already dead, the other five are for fun. Remind yourself, not only were SEVEN shots fired at this kid, they were all at point blank range.

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The cop shows up with some fabricated minor scratches, which were highly unlikely to have been inflicted by the kid, and states firing SEVEN large caliber bullets into a teen was self defense. The DA agrees, stating that the cop did nothing wrong.

They both belong in prison.

The logic you must apply is the inverse. Say this teen boy, after rising, believed his life was in danger and he was holding the gun. If he shot once and the cop was subdued, it may be a reasonable defense. If he shoots twice and kills the cop, it is less so. But if this kid shoots the cop point blank seven times, what do you think is going to happen to the kid? Do you think the DA will say the kid did nothing wrong?

These cops are murderers. The gun laws they want to enforce do not take the guns away from them, and merely guarantee they can murder defenseless people at will. Bear in mind, they have mace, tasers, clubs and are dressed in full uniform, often with a bullet proof vest. What chance does the average person have? None.

This kid was not drugged or intoxicated. He had traces of THC in his body, indicating he may have smoked some marijuana at some point in time over the prior two days.

Why was this boy murdered? Because he had trained himself to not allow cops to search his car. He learned the law and wanted to protect himself from an illegal search and seizure. He was murdered for that and only that. All the cop had to do was wait for reinforcements and arrest this kid if he believed he had committed any illegal offense.

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Bear in mind, it is not illegal to drive without a license. It is not illegal to flash high beams. It is not illegal to deny a search to a murdering cop. This boy was tasered and on the ground for doing absolutely nothing illegal. His fatal mistake was not allowing the cop to illegally search his car.

Should the kid have dropped his cell phone? Of course, that was kind of dumb. Did it justify murder? America is out of their minds if they believe it, and this DA and cop belong in prison for the rest of their lives. There was no excuse for emptying an entire chamber into this boy. In fact, there was no justification for shooting him at all. The cop murdered him to send a message. If you don’t allow illegal search and seizure, we will murder you where you stand.

Welcome to America.

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