Chris Matthews calls Mitt Romney ‘arrogant’ for running against Obama

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Chris Matthews calls Mitt Romney ‘arrogant’ for running against Obama

The Right Scoop has the clip, which depicts Chris Matthews’ disgust at Mitt Romney for, well, even daring to run against President Obama at all.

Chris Matthews: Romney "arrogant" to run against Obama, shows "certain kind of disdain" for Obama

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) September 15, 2012

Matthews imagines Romney gearing up for his campaign even before Obama had been inaugurated and fantasizes his that internal dialog went something like this: “Well, this guy could be beat by me.” Shocking! This, Matthews observes, is “an arrogant point of view” on Romney’s part and shows “a certain kind of disdain” for the man Matthews has described as “the perfect American.

Here’s Matthew’s quote lowered from dog whistle pitch to a frequency where we can hear all the words.

Ah! It’s so much clearer now. Racist!

Did Chris Matthews say it's racist to simply RUN against Obama? Did that really happen?!?!

— Heather (@hboulware) September 15, 2012 Will someone PLEASE remove the kool-aid from the MSLSD green room? Thank You!

— James & Kathy Acerra (@jamkatar) September 15, 2012

Chris Matthews thinks Obama should have been able to run unchallenged, I guess? He is completely off his nut. Get the hook for this guy.

— #WarOnLeftists (@corrcomm) September 15, 2012

@oldyfan2012 @bitslaw @hardball_chris The "audacity" of anyone challenging the king. #tingles

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— ebbid yelsreknat (@yebbid) September 15, 2012

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