Which Girl Scout Cookie Is Your One True Love?

Which Girl Scout Cookie Is Your One True Love?

Because money can buy you love. girlscoutsww.org girlscoutsww.org Because you’re good with your hands. girlscoutsww.org Because you’re a night owl. girlscoutsww.org Because food is your bae. girlscoutsww.org Because you’re a shopaholic. girlscoutsww.org Because you’re pretty. girlscoutsww.org Because you’re a dreamer. girlscoutsww.org girlscoutsww.org girlscoutsww.org girlscoutsww.org girlscoutsww.org Thinkstock Weintraub Entertainment Group Weintraub Entertainment Group Hannah Weintraub Entertainment […]

Tinder’s Parent Company, Match, Swipes Right on Public Offering

Match, which owns some of the biggest dating websites and apps around, filed to go public, according to SEC documents. The properties it owns includes the highly popular app Tinder, OKCupid, PlentyOfFish, Match, and HowAboutWe. Match reportedly had net earnings of $177.5 million over the last 12 months. It also generated $49.3 million in net […]

13 Inspiring Quotes by Apple CEO Tim Cook

As the CEO of Apple, it’s Tim Cook’s job to lead the most valuable company in the world. And, long before he became CEO, Cook was responsible for managing all of the company’s sales and operations worldwide. Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about success, leadership, organization, and innovation. Here are a […]

25 Popular Business Books Summarized In One Sentence Each

To save you time and money, we’ve distilled 25 of the greatest business books down to their primary insights. We’ve captured critical advice across a variety of topics, from how to lead a major company to how to thrive in your career. If you want to bone up on your business theory, here are the […]

Ingress Maker Niantic Scores $20 Million for AR Gaming

Niantic on Thursday announced that it was the beneficiary of a big bet pooled together by benefactors Google, Nintendo and The Pokémon Co. Niantic, which develops augmented reality games, will receive $20 million in the Series A funding round and could receive another $10 million if it realizes certain undisclosed goals. The company was founded […]

Yahoo’s New Email App Dumps Passwords

Yahoo has announced a password-free email app that can manage accounts from Outlook.com, Hotmail and AOL Mail. There was no mention of syncing with Gmail or Apple’s iCloud Mail. Yahoo has been working to improve email security in the wake of repeated hacks of the service over the years, the most prominent occurring early last […]

EU Court Decision Threatens US Cloud Dominance

Edward Snowden’s legacy gained another chapter last week when the European Court of Justice rejected an agreement that created a Safe Harbor for U.S. companies handling personal data of overseas citizens. In essence, the agreement provided that a U.S. company’s word that it had adequate safeguards in place to protect the data of Europeans was […]

Fantasy Sports: Socializing Betting

It passes through the channels of federal laws, spills across state lines and even bleeds into the protected realm of college sports. The multibillion-dollar industry that is fantasy sports has stood up to legal challenges so far, but the surging sector still battles problems with perception and faces questions about its future. Allegations of insider […]

Uh oh, White House: Ashton Kutchter’s Obamacare push is a big flop

Uh oh, White House: Ashton Kutchter’s Obamacare push is a big flop

.@aplusk Shilling 4 @BarackObama I thought ppl wanted HC, no need to waste $$$ on ads. Save ur tweets. #ACA — bgent (@bgent3) March 28, 2014 Actor Ashton Kutcher has close to 15.9 million Twitter followers. It’s been more than 20 hours since he sent this Obamacare-shilling tweet and he’s scored a whopping 91 retweets. […]

‘Don’t freak out’: Worried about census changes? Voxplainers to the rescue!

‘Don’t freak out’: Worried about census changes? Voxplainers to the rescue!

http://twitter.com/#!/ChadSedrick/status/456105797781823488 The Juicebox Mafia sure has their work cut out for them! Earlier today, we were informed that the Census Bureau will be changing the upcoming census survey. And it just so happens that the changes will help mask pesky Obamacare data. Sarah Kliff, erstwhile ignorer of “local crime stories” for the Washington Post and current […]